You may look at another list of disciplines on B.J. Zanzibar's site, which includes all the following ones.

Aquas by Sean O'Connell (for Gaerini)
Aqueous by Larry J. Langley (for Coelacanth)
Arachnidia by Simon Giles (for Tarantalus)
Areal by Benjamin van d'Grift (for Detrius) - dealing with the vampiric Avatar.
The Baal by Palika Goldstein.
Daphneism by Joel Sax (for Endendara) - protean with plants.
Dark Trick by Palika Goldstein (for the Ashlar) - discipline of the Night.
Deceit by Killjoy LePal (for Apophisim) - the art of lying.
Elementalism by Sean O'Connell (for True Brujah)
Felis by Deird'Re Brooks.
Fusion by Gary Greenhill (for DaVinci) - with the machine.
The Hand by Palika Goldstein (for the Black Paladins)
Icarus by Jack Dracula (for Lothlorian) - flight and wind.
Id by Robert Mayberry (for Alexandrians) - the Discipline of the subconscious.
Ikara by Timothy Toner (for Daedalean) - another flight.
Intercourse by Timothy Toner (for the Children of Caine)
Jumble by Spider (for Razor Children)
Mechanus by Mithrandir (for Mekara)
Menschlichkeit by Lord Arioch (for Wissengeist) - return to humanity.
Mentem by Daniel Maloy (for Furies) - dealing with memory.
Nakyrae by Dark Whispers (for The Avengers of Diedne) - Obeah to cause pain.
Neuromancy by Stephen Ironside (for Turing)
Osmosis by Mark Kinney (for Bathory)
Pastoralis by Stacey Lawless (for Iscariots)
Petrification by Arthur Reilly (for Clan Hellene) - earth and stone mastery.
Poenaplaceunque by Ian Sheridan (for Cenobites) - pain and pleasure.
New Protean levels by Robert Kirkpatrick (for Lycaon)
Ptolemos by Timothy Toner (for Machomenoi)
Rumali by Stacey Lawless (for Dakini) - dealing with Death.
Sanguinus by Andrew Cram (high levels for Fallen Angels)
Scriptus by Bonnici Chris (for Arkady)
Serpentis by Andrew Cram (high levels for Fallen Angels)
Sublimate by Mister S (for Children of Lillith)
Telergi by Rasmus Hansson (for Shutendoji) - thaumaturgy of the earth.
Unseelie by Robert Kirkpatrick (for Lycaon)
Vendaal by Brian Burke (for Caantalsay) - manipulating time.
The Voice by Palika Goldstein.