by Arthur Reilly (29 Jun 93)

Since Andrew of Seattle has been so good as to point out that WW still has a few vacancies available within the 13 "original" bloodlines, I thought I'd toss out for consideration one I've been using in my chronicle.

Clan Hellene

Clan Hellene arose out of the mountains of Northern Greece and vicinity. They came to their greatest prominence during the days of ancient Greece, and their members led to many myths of that culture's deities. Athena, Appolo and Dionysis were among their greatest elders.

This clan emphasizes the ideal of the Golden Mean. Beleiving that all individuals shoulfd seek to be balanced in all human endeavors, they only Embrace those who personify this ideal. Athena was warrior, weaver, and the goddess of wisdom. Appolo was hunter, poet and athlete. From the Golden Age of Greece they embraced Odysseus and Alexander. Not until the Renaissance did large numbers again fill their Houses. Cellini, DaVinci and Barbarossa are among their probable children. Thomas Jefferson surely never died mortal death unsaved.

Hellenes have a special affinity for the Earth, and it is from them the legends of Kindred lying in their native earth may have come. It is not a requirement, but many, particularly the ancient, take comforyt in the practice. They definitely do suffer from silver however, as it seems to disrupt the flow of vital energy within them. Their affinity with the earth also manifests in the discipline known as "Petrification".

Appearance: almost always physically beautiful and athletic. In ancient times standards of beauty were not always what they are now, leaving room for the thin and the reubenesque. Nudity is the standard at clan gatherings, known as "Salons". Such clothing that is worn is usually classic and simple, tending to frame rather than hide the body.

Attributes: Hellenes are always balanced between the physical, mental and social. (5/5/5)

Abilities: Likewise tending to be balanced, 9/9/9. All Hellenes speak Greek in addition to their mother tongue, and must take "linquistics" accordingly.

Backgrounds: Mentor is common, as many are groomed or have Kindred patrons before the Embrace. Taking lower generation is recommended, this clan has always been extremely choosy and limited in their numbers.

Clan Disciplines: Presense, Potence, and Petrification.

Reference: The Stress of Her Regard by Tim Powers

Arthur, Herald and Storyteller for Salt Lake City