by Bonnici Chris (30 Nov 93)

This bloodline is mostly overlooked and ignored by the rest of vampire society, Sabbat and Camarilla included. They refused membership in the Camarilla when invited back in the early 1800's and still maintain that they want nothing to do with vampire society at all. Little is known about this bloodline due to the fact that very few care to find out. Arkady are most like Nosferatu in that they avoid the public eye, yet their reasons are not aesthetic. They don't like people, vampires or any other group for one reason above all others; they interrupt on reading time.

Arkady appeared around the middle of the 16th century, from where it is not known. They themselves have little to say beyond that their originator decided one day that the Kindred were doing it all wrong, knowledge was the key. And promptly shut up so he could read.

It could be said that no other group of vampires know more about the world, both above and below the Masquerade than Arkady. They are the quiet, too-smart young adult in the back row of your night class who says nothing all semester until one night when he poses a question to the Professor that makes the whole class stay an extra 30 minutes so that the Prof. can answer it. When not in the multitude of night classes they frequent, they can be found in libraries buried beneath books on any subject available. Clan Arkady, the title of Clan is self-appointed by the bloodline and nobody cares enough to argue, is a Clan of learning and study.

Arkady do not like people in general, avoiding contact and discussion unless they feel it may help to enlighten themselves in some way. Their favorite 'victims' of discussion are Professors who believe they are authorities on subjects. It is not uncommon for an Arkady to travel to a particular University just to involve themselves in a debate with a Professor they disagree with/or agree with.

Arkady wish to know all that is possible. It is believed that once a member has decided that she knows all that there is to know, she will end her existence in happiness. It is through this that Golconda is reached for members of Arkady.

The first Arkady is thought to be, (by those who have spent the time considering it, Arkady are impossible to question when they are busy), a Brujah who found society too uninteresting in comparison with her books. Their discipline as well, is devoted to this pursuit of knowledge. With Brujah blood, Arkady comes from rebel habits which makes them formidable foes if someone chooses to persecute one of their own. Arkady are loyal to two things, their sources of knowledge and each other. With the knowledge they have, or have access to, wouldn't you be worried?

Nickname: Bookworms

Appearance: They're students plain and simple. Arkady can be from anyplace on earth so long as they possess the hunger for knowledge. They tend to dress in comfortable and sensible clothes, and never go anywhere without their books and backpacks.

Haven: Arkady almost always dwell in libraries or close to them. They can be found on University campuses, in sewers under famous libraries and in dormitories and student housing. They generally keep student hours so very little attention is paid to them.

Background: Arkady embrace only those they have found possess the hunger for knowledge that they do. They tend to sire few childer, it is not uncommon for an Arkady to have no progeny. Progeny take time, and time is better spent reading and studying.

Character Creation: Arkady almost always have drifter or kid concepts. They often have fanatic, loner, director or visionary natures and demeanors. Mental attributes rank first always, social and physical having little meaning to them. Knowledges are of course primary to Arkady, Skills and Talents ranking in order from there. Arkady have very few background areas, if so they probably possess contacts or a mentor.

Clan Disciplines: Obfuscate, Celerity and Scriptus

Weaknesses: Arkady are limited in their hunting grounds to the vicinity of where their haven is, campuses or library neighborhoods. They also must make a WILL+ALERTNESS roll every other round when involved in discussions of any degree, if they fail their attention span has been breached and they go back to their books. A roll of INTIMIDATION+CHARISMA must be made at normal difficulty to get their attention back. Their attention is then again based on the every second round rule mentioned above.

Organization: Surprisingly, Arkady are loosely organized into a network which allows the exchange of information between members as they move from library/university to library/university. However, this network may or may not be efficient depending on the amount of time and attention the member devotes to getting the message through. It is not uncommon for two or more members to be at the same location, studying.

Gaining Clan Prestige: The only known way that Arkady members recognize their own for anything is through the discovery of new sources of knowledge or dominance in any one field above all other members.

Some comments made by Matthew Christopher Brooks <> on the mailing list

Arkady do not like people in general, avoiding contact and discussion unless they feel it may help to enlighten themselves in some way.

I have a little problem with this. Wouldn't the vampire eventually realize that there is only so much that can be learned in reading? Eventually the vampire would probably realize that knowledge walks around inside the heads of people, as well as in books. It also seems a bit too...egotistical (?). The vampire would seem to have to believe that they are the only bearer of knowledge, and all others are pathetically mistaken...

It is through this that Golconda is reached for members of Arkady.

::big screeching halt:: Wait a minute...I always thought that Golconda was the state a vampire achieves when she manages to overcome, for all eternity, the urges of the Beast. The Arkady as a clan seem to have no real lead up to this state. The quest for Golconda (as I thought it was) was divided into several stages. First, a search for what Golconda is. I can see the Arkady fufilling this requirement with all of their researching abilities. Second, the search for an Elder who has attained Golconda, a feat which seems unlikely for the mostly sedentary Arkady. Then the vampire must feel remorse for his actions and the sins he has committed. Then there is a long, drawn out ritual where...I don't know. I don't have a copy of the ST Handbook. But, basically, I think that Golconda isn't reached through a lot of reading.

They generally keep student hours so very little attention is paid to them.

Um...I'm a student, and I usually am active during the day, something which most leeches have a difficulty with., and I don't know about where you live, but the school library here isn't 24 hour.

I think this is a much better NPC clan than a clan actually for players. Perhaps the Arkady has some information the players wants, and he keeps forgetting that they're the Brujah lose his temper in a hurry...hee hee hee.