by Daniel Maloy (2 Nov 94)

This Discipline grants Furies their incredible powers over memories.

[1] Psychometry: The Fury is able to re-live the strong emotions experienced in a particular place, or near a specific object if she has skin-contact with the object or place. This is similar to the Auspex power of The Spirit's Touch, but not the same. The information revealed here is in once sense more specific in that it allows the Fury to actually experience past events as the original people did, but it is also more vague in that the Fury knows nothing about the participants of the memory aside from what they were thinking and experiencing at the time: the Fury may be able to witness a murder taking place from both the murderer's and victim's perspectives, but unless the murderer thought "I am John Doe" or the victim thought "My God, that's John Doe" the Fury would have nothing to go on aside from sight/hearing/etc. Note that the perceptions are also limited by what the participants could sense. In other words if the victim was blind the Fury would not have any visual input from the victim.

[2] Peering into the Mortal Mind: At this level, the Fury is able to read not only the memories of inanimate objects, but also the memories of living creatures, and store them within her own mind. This also will work on Kindred of equal or lower generation, but the Fury must spend a Willpower point to make the attempt.

[3] Summons to the Rage: At this level the Fury is able to sense those mortals with great emotions, although anger is by far the easiest (to sense anger is at a -3 to the difficulty). If the emotion experienced by the mortal is of a great enough intensity it may even physically draw the Fury to her. This is the most common way for Furies to find their future Progeny.

[4] Summon the Haunting Spirit: This power is mostly used to summon to the victim's mind her most horrifying experience, but in truth it can be used to make the victim re-live any of her memories. If it is used to draw forth a frightening memory, it reduces her to a catanoic state for the duration of the effect, and quite possibly gives her a permanent Terror Derangement if enough successes are scored. This power may be used in conjunction with Peering into the Mortal Mind to select among experiences.

[5] Memory Transfer: At this level of Mentem, the Fury can transfer memories stored within her own mind through a touch. This can be used with any of the above powers for a combined effect. it is most effectively used with either Summon the Haunting Spirit or Peering into the Mortal Mind if used as an attack (the level 2 power can be combined with Memory Transfer so the Fury may allow a victim to experience another's pain).