by Daniel Maloy (2 Nov 94)

"On Terra, long dead
Old Gods, it is said
Created the Furies to Fly.
Grim justice to seek
And revenge for the weak,
And those whom the law has passed by."
-Mercedes Lackey, Eumenides

Name: The Furies

Parent clan: Unknown (presumed by many to be Malkavian)

Organization: Independent

Status: Unknown, but due to the power of some individuals encountered presumed to be a Clan.

Overview: The Furies of Greek myth were spirits of horrible vengence. They were created by the gods to punish the transgressions, whatever they may be, of the living. It is unknown, like much about this clan, whether the legend evolved from the clan, or vice versa.

There is no clear consensus on whether the Furies are a true clan, or if they are even children of Cain....their origin, like the clan itself, is deeply shrouded in mystery. Indeed very few Kindred are even aware that the clan exists, most believing them to be Brujah, Malkavians, or some of the more violent Anarchs or Sabbat members.

Like the legends on which they are founded the Furies are the very embodiment of anger, or violence...even more so than the Garou. The Furies have intemate knowledge of the Beast within, and are one with it.

Appearance: Many of the Furies are very disheveled in appearance as they are often so consumed by their desire for vengeance that they do not bother with appearance. Others take immaculate care of themselves in order to inspire the "proper" amount of fear in the object of their hatred. Physically the Furies are always very pale and gaunt, even moreso than most Kindred, whether this is a result of their physical neglect or simply a facet of their existance is not known.

Haven: Furies often take Havens similar to places that were most important to them in life, but they often avoid the actual places themselves because their mastery of Mentem can bring unpleasant memories with everything they touch.

Background: The Furies spring from all classes and all cultures. Wherever anyone possesses enough anger at her death a Fury is born. In ancient times the Furies were almost completely female as they bore the brunt of the world's injustice, and were allowed no acceptable actions to release their frustration. In recent years the clan has come closer to an even distribution of the sexes as today's society demands that both men and women repress their anger. The Furies may also choose single members of a population for the Embrace after a great injustice has been played upon the people.

One of the things that has confused the Kindred scholars the most is the fact that they do not, as a rule, Embrace the living. Instead they choose their Progeny from among the recently dead. The Furies, unlike most clans, are able to Embrace those dead up to several days (one day plus one more day for each point of Generation Background. So a 13th Generation Fury could only Embrace someone dead a single day, while an 8th Generation Fury could Embrace a person dead up to six days.)

Character creation: While the vast majority of Furies have a Vigilante Concept, players should by no means feel limited to this. As the Furies can come from any class in any society they, likewise, encompass nearly any concept.

Their Demeanors can be nearly anything, but the most common Natures are Bravo, Caregiver, Judge, Loner, Martyr, and Survivor. Physical Attributes and Talents are almost always Primary, but a Fury with Mental Attributes or Skills as Primary are not so uncommon as they once were.

Backgrounds, once again, can be nearly anything appropriate to the concept, but Allies (from the Fury's mortal life) and Fame (as the public seems to have a morbid fascination with Vigilantes and Serial Killers.) are two of the more common backgrounds.

Several merits and flawas are also common among this clan: Berserker, Prey Exclusion, Nightmares, Vengeance, Hatred, Driving Goal, Concentration, Iron Will, Acute Senses, Ward, Monstrous, Disfigured, and Permanent Wound.

Clan disciplines: Obfuscate, Potence, Mentem.

Weaknesses: The Furies are possessed of an all-consuming anger. Whether this manifests itself as a Hatred, a Driving Goal, or a Vengeance agains someone varies, but the anger is there. In addition to one of the above flaws, a Fury is also much more likely to Frenzy than most Kindred. The difficulty for her Frenzy rolls is always 3 higher than the number listed.

Gaining clan prestige: The members of this clan seem to act completely independant of each other. While they may grant respect to those they believe have proved their merit there are no formal guidlines, and the members of this clan seem content to allow each other pursue her own particular goal.

Quote: "I have allies in Heaven and comrads in Hell."


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