The Children of Caine

by Timothy Toner (18 Nov 93)

Nickname: (Can't be repeated in a family mailing list)

Appearance: Solitary figures of regal bearing. They walk with an air of sublimed defiance, as if the secrets that burn in their brains render a nimbus of glory about them. Most of the time, they are soft spoken, dressing in clothes only slightly out of fashion, as pleasant reminders of things past.

Haven: No one really knows. They wander quite a bit, and yet seem to hang around specific locations. Many have tried to follow them home, only to lose them right before the dawn. It is believed that the Children operate a series of secret havens in several major cities, havens so well hidden that not even the Nosferatu know where they are.

Background: Always Malkavians, usually those who are at the edges of psychosis (either hopelessly, dysfunctionally insane, or hardly crazy whatsoever).

Character Creation: The Children value Mental traits above all, and have little need for the Physical.

Clan Disciplines: Auspex, Presence, Intercourse
(Note: Before 1721, the word intercourse meant precisely what communication meant, and visa versa. For some bizarre reason, almost overnight, the words switched meaning. The Children were directly responsible, but no one's sure quite why).
After the awakening from Malkavian to Child, one of the most interesting transformations occur with the disciplines. All levels of Dominate are immediately transferred to Presence. Obfuscate is kept, but is seldom used. After all, you're Caine. Who do _you_ have to hide from?

Weaknesses: To become a Child is a very difficult thing indeed. It means opening your mind to all the things the Malkavians seek to hide from through insanity. Children have no derangement, but they do have a suicidal bravery, that the Truth they hold in their bellies will carry them through anything. Everytime a Rotschreck roll is made, failure means that the vampire will stay, no matter what the risk. Only through success is free will maintained. Of course, if nothing can be proved by staying, such as everyone else buggering off, and no one to save, the Child will simply wander off.

Further, a Child, when asked, will always identify herself as Caine. She will seek to hide knowledge until the asker has been sufficiently tormented, and only then, when the petitioner has all but given up, will the information be told. All the while, she will drop hints that lead to greater questions.

Organization: All Children roam the world, stopping in a place for a time, seeking those who desire information about Caine, and making their life miserable, as was Malkav's. They all show deference to their leader, the Inheritor, but dare never to mention his name in public. They will gather only when they sense that a candidate for Inheritor grows close.



Quote: I'm Caine. Who the Hell are you?