by Jack Dracula (5 May 93)

The Icarus Discipline is one of the last vestiges that tie the modern Lothorians to their Oriental Elders. More scientific Kindred believe it to be some sort of telekinetic control of the air molecules, but such structured psychic control belies the inherent mysticism, as well as a basic overview of its practicioners.

[1] Levitate: Enables the user to Levitate himself. By making a Wits+ Alertness roll, she can rise into the air at about 5 feet per second. Please note that any aerial maneuvers would require rolling Wits+Athletics/Brawl/Melee or whatever. Plus, full concentration is needed to maintain this; if done for an extended period of time (ie- more than 5 rounds) it's gonna cost you a Willpower point.

[2] Wind: The user is able to summon a strong wind (outdoors only.) By making a Willpower roll, she can call a wind strong enough to knock over an average man (To resist, Strength + Potence, & hope you have good footing...)This wind is not sustained, however.

[3] Flight: The user can take off and achieve horizontal movement at a steady rate. Full concentration is required, and a willpower point must be expended. Average speed is just under 20 miles an hour, but this can be maintained for relatively long periods.

[4] The Great Wind: allows users to summon a minor windstorm. Most people caught in the area (couple blocks) will have to grab onto something solid of be blown around for the duration. Anyone (except the caster) in the area also has a 20% chance of being hit by debris, for no more than one damage. Also, depending on the area: dust could negate visibility or dangerous gases could be cleared from an area (but Vampires don't breathe!)

[5] The Wind Wall: The user creates a wall of wind which stops all physical attacks. Anyone trying to go through it will be pushed back. A Wilpower point mu be spent to start it, and again every seven turns.