by Timothy Toner (8 May 93)

[1] Descent of the Feather: With this power, the Daedalean can cause a significant reduction in the speed he is falling. Every turn, he must roll Willpower, difficulty 6. Each level allows one negation of damage due to falling. The vampire will be seen slowly descending to the ground, unharmed. With Ten cumulative successes, he can fall any distance, and take no damage. Speed is that of normal walking.

[2] Resist the Calling of the Earth: With this power, the Daedalean can completely negate the effect of gravity on his person. He can hover in place for an hour, needing only a stamina + Survival roll diff 7 to do so. Those who employ this power in combat can add two soak dice to blows and weaponfire, since their body rolls with the punch, rather than absorbing the force.

[3] The Calling of the Heavens: True flight is achieved, allowing the Kindred to actually fly at a speed variable to his abilities. He must roll a strength + athletics, every round, difficulty based on how fast he desires to go.

MPH Difficulty
10 4
20 5
30 6
40 7
50 8

A flier must start at 10 mph the first round, then build up speed, at a step up the chart per round. Likewise, he must slow himself down in this manner, or risk taking damage from running into objects. A failure means he drops one speed class, while a botch indicates that he must spend a point of willpower, and is dropping like a rock. 50 mph is felt to be the top speed.

[4] Avain's Calling: By rolling Manipulation + Animal Handling (diff 6), the Daedalean can summon a flock of birds to his person. Theyt arrive in five minutes, and will remain for the amount of turns equal to his roll. These can be used as a diversion (any attempt to escape (Dex + Subterfuge, Diff 7) is aided by dice equal to the amount of of the first roll), a harrying attack (Manipulation + Leadership, Damage Equal to the Success of the first roll), or sometimes just a communion with that part of nature they still cherish.

[5] The Boon of Freedom: With the ingestion of two points of blood, the Daedalean can bestow any of Ikara 1-3 on another person. The ability lasts for a single night. Note that Assamites and Ventrue might not be able to use this, and each succesive point brings the drinker that closer to a blood bond. The Daedalean must will the power to activate. Also, if the Daedalean ever falls unconscious, the power fades. Daedaleans are lothe to let this power out, as, in the wrong hands, it can be greatly abused. The Daedalean cannot refill the blood spots he has bestowed until the next day.

Note that when a Daedalean initially gets a level, he can only transport himself. With each successive level, he may add on another person. Thus, one with Ikara 5 can help 4 others with Level 1, Three others with level 2, and Two others with level 3. All must be touching or linked to the Ikara for it to work. Every extra person automatically steals a success from all rolls.

All Daedaleans add their Ikara level to their dodge pool.

Daedalos, bloodline founder, was of the 7th generation. There are no greater powers known.