by Arthur Reilly (29 Jun 93)

It is the discipline of Clan Hellene

[1] Speak with Earth: allows simple communication with inorganic natural objects such as stone, metal and soil. Earth is neither unintelligent nor unobservant, but perceptions of y time and a ephemeral events are ignored, unless of long duration. Senses are limited to vibration, heat and motion.
Ex: a granite building could communicate the presense of people, and where, but not how many. A ceramic vase could tell for how many years it has been in the same room.
Any presense of silver prevents the operation of this Discipline.

[2] Earth Defense: allows the telekinesis of inorganic objects, up to limits similar to the Path of Telekinesis found in the Discipline of Thaumaturgy. Flight is possible as per that same Path. However, limiting the weight moved when greater is possible, allowis the hurling of projectiles. Again, any silver precludes this discipline.
Ex: if able to move 20 pounds, one pound of sand or gravel could be hurled so as to blind an opponent. A pure iron knife coulfd be thrown with deadly force.

[3] Earth's Blanket: this is exactly equal to the Earth Meld of the Protean Discipline in all respects.

[4] Stony Armor: with this ability the Hellene becomes, in all respects, a stone statue. A peice of the desired type of stone must be in contact (as held in the mouth or hand, or stood on barefoot). This form is impervious to sunlight and most fire, and is almost impossible to stake. While in this form the Hellene is limited to perceiving vibration, heat and motion. Sun can be detected, and this form is sometimes used to spend the day protected. One blood point is used in both entering and leaving this state, with a botch resulting in being "stuck" another day before emergence is again attempted. Multiple botches may have a geometric effect, storyteller's option. (i.e. 2 = a week, 3 = a year, etc.)
While in this state, "speak with earth" may be used, and will allow communication with other Hellenes within one mile.

[5] Petrification: here a Hellene may preserve a human in stone who is not wothy of the Embrace. An ugly, unathletic poet or warrior, or a great philosopher are likely candidates. The target is drained, then the Hellene expends 5 blood points and turns them to immortal stone. The resulting statue can be spoken to with "sreak with earth". It may also be returned to flesh for one hour per kindred blood point. It is said Helen of Troy preserved her lover Paris in this fashion, giving her interesting erotic possibilities throughout the ages.
Note, a decapitated head could form a bust, allowing one to have Homer or Aristotle on ones desk, available for poetry readings or philosophic debate.
Some Hellenes that reach this level may also be able to have limited movement in their own statue forms. This would allow some voluntary movement while affording the protection of stone.

Reference: The Stress of Her Regard by Tim Powers