by Deird'Re Brooks (1 Oct 93)

Felis is a Discipline created for the enhancement of stealth or assassination. However, unlike Quietus, it exists simply to facilitate the assassination, not the actual tool of death. However, the developers of this Discipline did start with Quietus and build up from it.

[1] Silence of the Cat: This ability allows the Kindred to make herself totally silent, allowing her to do anything she desires without making a sound.

System: At the cost of one Blood Point, the Kindred becomes utterly silent. Sounds from the outside can be heard inside, but sounds the Kindred makes are completely inaudible. This effect is extended to whatever she is holding or touching, thus silencing gunfire or breaking branches. This effect lasts for the duration of the scene.

[2] Tread of the Weightless Cat: With this level, the Kindred can make herself effectively weightless for the purposes of walking. She can walk on any surface without disturbing it or leaving a trail.

System: For one Blood Point, the Kindred moves silently as per Level 1, but she can speak and be heard if she wishes. She can also walk across thin ice, rice paper, or pressure sensors, among other things. She will not affect these items unless she deliberately stomps upon them or otherwise interferes with the effect. This effect lasts for the duration of the scene.

[3] Unseeing Eyes: Now the Kindred can walk through a crowd without being noticed. This is not the same as Obfuscate, however. Use of this ability causes those who may be attempting to find her to look in the wrong direction when she passes, mistake someone else for her, see her in a totally different location. It generally has a different effect on each person.

System: The player makes a Manipulation + Stealth roll against a difficulty of 6. Each success increases the level of confusion among those searching and decreases the chance of being discovered. For each success, subtract one die from the searcher's Perception for the purposes of searching for her. If Perception is reduced to zero, she will not be found. (Since such rolls are contests of Wits + Stealth vs. Perception + Alertness, the rolls become easier for her also.) This can be an extended test over several turns.

[4] Walk of the Spider: The Kindred with this power can climb walls as if she were a spider. She simply sticks to the walls.

System: For one Blood Point, the Kindred can climb any surface she can reach. Can also be used to slow a fall if it occurs near a vertical surface. Roll Dexterity + Athletics against a 6. Each success reduces the level on the falling chart by one. If enough successes are accumulated to reduce falling distance to zero over the turns before the Kindred impacts with the ground, she is stuck to the wall and can climb up or down normally.

[5] Wings of the Kittyhawk: At this level the Kindred can actually fly. She simply rises into the air and flies.

System: Taking to the air costs one Blood Point and allows the character to fly at 50 miles per hour, or 75 yards per turn. Roll Dexterity + Athletics for particularly complicated maneuvers. Hovering is possible.