Gaerini - Children of the Sea

by Damien Moore aka. Sean O'Connell (25 Jun 93)

Nickname: Fish

History: The Gaerini were originally an offshoot of the Gangrel Clan, much like the Daedalians, but differing in one major way - their powers, life and interests were dedicated to the oceans, seas, rivers and lakes rather than the are, and their powers began to extend in that direction.

The Gaerini have always been a small bloodline, and were never major players in any of the vampire societies. They prefered to keep to themselves, or in very small groups, like isolated fishing villages.

The Gaerini were originally from the south of France. Their progenitor, a Gangrel who had spent her entire life by the sea, using her powers of shape-shifting in new ways, untried by her kin, embraced a young fisherman and sailor, who, once he was Embraced, did not have the traditional Gangrel powers of Fortitude, Animalism and Protean. At first she thought that she had spawned a Caitiff, and was disappointed that her blood had run so thin.

But after some time of observing her Progeny, she realised that his powers were not so much a manifestation of hers, but a manifestation of her desires. The young man had the quickness of the sea, its illusary qualities, once the preserve of her Cousins, the Ravnos only, and a strange ability similar to her Protean, but adapted for an aquatic mode.

Appearance: Gaerini can come from any culture or background. However they are invariably linked with cultures that are near the sea in some manner.

Haven: Like the Gangrel, Gaerini tend to be constantly moving. However they will often have a number of Havens within one city, moving between them irregularily. These Havens are usually houses or apartments near the ocean.

Background: Gaerine can come from any background, as long as they have some association with the sea. Surfers, coast guard rangers, fisherpeople, divers are all members of the gaerini bloodline.

They are often asked before they are Sired, and the Bloodline has a number of 'Recruiters' that travel the world looking for members. These recruiters invariably have Dominate 3 in addition to the Gaerini disciplines, to erase the memories of those who refuse the Embrace.

Character Creation: Any, given the mention ocean ties. Sometimes the Childe does not need an association with seas, but with inland waters. Physical a abilities tend to be primary, as are Talents. They often have backgrounds in Mentor, and Allies. A gaerini Childe may take the Merit Calm Heart with no cost, relfecting the Clans very calm attitudes.

Clan Disciplines: Aquas, Chimerstry, Celerity

Weaknesses: It is said that the Gaerini have a touch of the Toreador about them, and they may be drawn into a trance of some type, mesmerised by sight of a sea-scape, or a droplet of spinning water.

Organisation: There is no official organisation of the Gaerini, but they do keep in touch, especially Sire to Childe. If a Gaerini needs help then they do manage to bring a surprising amount of effort to bear. Many Gaerini have allies amongst the Gangrel.

Quote: "The sea is our mistress and our delight, we fall into the ecstasy of being alone with her. In this we are similar to our brothers, the Gangrel, yet at times they seem to remote from us."