by Mark Kinney (20 Oct 93)

Here is the first in a series of bloodlines I have created. It's relativly untested, so your mileage may vary. In any case, enjoy, and comments are welcome.

The Bathory

Believed to be a line of the Ventrue clan, something happened to this line of Kindred to make them incapable of consuming vitae by the normal method. This makes creating progeny complicated, and anyone who knows how this line came about isn't telling. Theories include a curse on a Ventrue elder by either the Setites, the newly created Tremere, or maybe even a wandering Baali.

The Bathory, named for their most famous member and founder of the line, developed a discipline that allows them to absorb blood through their skin. The factor that links them with the Ventrue is their insistance on a certain type of blood to consume, ostensibly to maintain the appearance of their Embrace age. Then again, this could be a derangement held over by the general reign the Malkavians usually claimed on Elisabeth Bathory's mortal family.

Bathory are not much liked by the Camarilla, as the most common feeding method used especially by younger Bathory, bathing in vitae drained from a victim, tends to endanger the Masquerade. The Ventrue especially disown them, denying even a link with them. Because of this, and because some of those that Elisabeth Bathory Embraced early in her vampiric life were peasants, the line divulges quite a bit from the Ventrue stereotype, which would be another fact in favor of a link with the Malkavians except that for the most part the Bathory are sane.

Nickname: Sponges

Appearance: Some continue the Ventrue stereotype, but as often as not there are serious deviations from Ventrue standards. Dress will be appropriate to the individual concept.

Haven: As appropriate to the character concept, although most Elders follow the Ventrue lead.

Background: Elders are split between peasants who were among the founders first victims and somehow struck her twisted fancy, and the noble girls whose disappearance led to her downfall. As they get younger, more and more tend to veer away from the Ventrue type. There is talk occasionally of a Bathory among the anarchs, although this has never been confirmed.

Character creation: This bloodline is as varied as one can possibly get, especially among the younger Kindred. Nonetheless, Social attributes and Talents are generally favored.

Clan Disciplines: Dominate, Osmosis, Presence

Weaknesses: The Bathory have blood requirements similar to but not as restrictive as those of the Ventrue. Bathory may feed from any vessel, but for each week that at least one full Blood Pool's worth of their particular type of blood is not consumed, they lose a point of Appearance. It can be gained back at the rate of one point per week the blood requirements are maintained. When Appearance reaches zero, the effects are permanent and the weakness changes to that of the Nosferatu, and some of these have been known to try to join Nosferatu coteries after being cast out even by their tiny bloodline. For the above reasons, at least one Discipline point in Character Creation must be spent on Osmosis.

Organization: Bathory are far more solitary than the Ventrue, but when numbers of them gather in an area they tend to form loose groups.

Gaining prestige: The older Bathory of noble blood enjoy the Ventrue's power games. Although most Bathory neonates also enjoy following these power plays, prestige means much less to them.


The Camarilla:
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Note: Elisabeth Bathory was known to have commited diablerie on her sire. She was originally fifth generation. There are no Bathory of higher than fourth generation.

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