The Voice
Discipline of the Unseen Word

by Palika Goldstein (6 Jun 95)

[1] Unseen Command: At this level the voice is just starting to develope. The weilder may issue a one word command that will manipulate inanimate objects to a small degree.

Examples- using the Voice to try and make a car fly would not work (to drastic for level 1), but issuing the command "shake" or "rattle" would cause the car to do so. Likely, starting at a locked door and issueing the command "unlock" would work very well, if you generated enough successes. The weilder inhales air and expels it in a big gust, shaping the unseen word with his or her mouth and this Disipline, and speaks it towards the object he or she is looking at (must have line of sight). Roll Manipulation + Security, TN = difficulty of trying to affect/accomplish the desired goal. TN of 3 would be to make a window rattle (after all, windows do rattle occationcaly), but to make a mirror shatter or crystal goblet explode would require a TN of 9 or 10 to shape the Unseen Command.

[2] Great Wind: The voice has reached the level of development where the weilder can focus his or her Command to knock down opponents at a distance, with just the power of the Voice. Roll Manipulation + Occult, TN = Stamina (with out Armor or Fortitude) of individual targeted, and spend one blood. The weilder must see the the person to be affected. The amount of success generated are the amount that the knocked down person must get with a Dex + Athletics roll [6] before he or she can get back up. The knocked down person looses his or her action for the turn that he or she was knocked down, but during that action the victum may roll the Dex + Athl to try and get up. As long as the victim gets enough successes, the person can still act that action- but even if there is one success against them, the target may not act until they get the amount of success.

[3] Inner Voice: By expending one blood and rolling Stamina+Meditation [8], the Vampire may increase any of his or her Attributes (Physical, Social, Mental) by the amount of successes generated. This lasts for one action (breaking down a door, reading a book, talking to a babe, solving a puzzle, etc.) and at any case dissapears at the end of the scene.

[4] Tsunami: The power of the Voice radiates outwards from the individual and shatters objects and causes a wave of force to travel away from the Vampire in a sphere. The radius of this sphere is dependent upon it's force. Roll Manipulation + Occult [7], each success is one yard that the sphere of force travels from the Vampire. All objects that the sphere comes in contact with suffer 2 normal wounds per each success of the Man + Occult roll- all people and animals suffer one normal wound per success. This force knocks down the people and destroys all objects (per ST aproval) if the object gets 3 or more successes to damage it after it soaks. People soak normally- Stamina + Fortitue and Armor, if any.

[5] Expelling the Inner Breath: The master, at this level, can form his or her voice so strongly and with such control that it can be used as a directed weapon. The Vampire need only to speak an empathic word that has great meaning to him or her, and force the Unseen Command to Destroy an individual or object. Roll Intelligence + Empathy and consult p.77 of the Handbook on the difficulty numbers of destroying an object (Ming Vases are low, while TV sets are medium, and hard core objects like HK227S are definetly 8's or 9's). Causing damage to people requires a [7], each success is one normal wound and the person is deaf [+2 to all difficulty numbers except soaks] and realing from the force- get knocked back away from the weilder with each success equal to 1Y. This power requires the use of one blood.