by Randy D'Amore (2 Apr 94)

During the American revolution the clan that had the most influence over the fledgling Americans was the Brujah. The Brujah fueles the revolts, they armed the soldiers, they aided the revolutionaries. No Brujah was more atcive in the revolution then Detrius.

Detrius was a Brujah Methuselah with a deep hated for all forms of control. He hated the british, for trying to control America. He hated the commanders in the army, for trying to control the soldiers. He hated just about everybody.

He found many mortals in the south who felt as he did, hateing everyone. He mbraced these mortals, and started his line. He lead his followers in daring raids against both armies.

Then the revolution ended, and he had no real organized opponent to hate. So Detrius delved into the art of control, in order to find the absolute controllers. He discovered Magi.

After finding the power that these incredible folk had, he begat even more progeny, and commanded his childer to do the same. He then sent some to Europe, and to the far corners to the Earth.

All of Clan Detrius are violently opposed to Mages, as well as all other authority figures. The reason that mages have been selected out of this group for the most abuse is because mages can shape reality. Clan Detrius is alarmed by this, believing all mages to have a secret agenda to stagnate the world.

Nickname: Witch Hunters

Appearence: Most Detrius tend to be from the southern states of the usa. Louisiana, Florida, Alabama and such. Thus they tend to be coccasion for the most part. Although members of this clan have been found in all other parts of the world as well.

Haven: Detrius have no set havens.

Background: Detrius tend to have been anarchists, criminals, and the socially unacceptable in thier mortal lives.

Character Generation: Physical and Social abilities are primary, as are talents and skills. Common bacgrounds include retainers, allies, and generation.

Disciplines: Potence, Presence, Areal.

Weakness: The Detrius all have the "Intollerance" and "Driving Goal" flaw from the Players guide. These are in relation to mages, and the destruction thereof. They also have a weeker version of the Brujah weekness.

Organization: Who needs organization? Detrius is in charge. Everyone else is below him. The Detrius are concentrated in the Southern US, but that's about it.

Quote: "You wanna know what reality is? Reality is a 47 year old virgin sitting around in his green pajamas drinking a brocolli-banana shake singing that he's an oscar myer weener!"