by Larry J. Langley (29 Aug 92)

This discipline allow the Coelacanth to make use of the advantages of the ocean to aid their survival. Similar to Protean or Serpentis, Kindred possessing this discipline must spend one blood point when using a power that involves active transformation. Vampires learning this discipline also begin to develop slight physical changes for each level of Aqueous gained. These changes slowly adapt the Vampire to an underwater existence. A Vampire may gain rounded eyes, smooth hairless skin, etc.

[1] Senses of the water: The senses of the Coelacanth physically alter to adapt to underwater conditions. This affects all the Vampire's senses to a greater or lesser degree: the pupils widen and the eyes gain a protective sheath, the ears become better able to translate underwater sounds, the sense of 'smell' works through water to a fine degree, etc.

[2] Ocean's hands: The Vampire's fingers and toes lengthen and become webbed allowing the Vampire to swim quite easily underwater.

[3] Haven of the depths: Changes occur in the Coelacanth's body so that she can handle the most severe water pressure allowing her to survive in the deepest ocean chasm. The Vampire also adapts to cold and her body will not freeze except in the most extreme conditions.

[4] Hunter's awakening: With this level of ability a Coelacanth may transform into a shark (the exact type of shark is up to the story teller).

[5] Watery form: The Coelacanth can transform his body into saltwater. In this form he may move about freely underwater (at about a walking pace) and is not subject to physical attack, much as the advantages gained in mist form. On land, the Vampire can only ooze along very slowly though may move through even the smallest openings.

[6] Bounty of the ocean: Each time a Vampire learns this aspect of the discipline she may develop a unique (often frightening) form that she can transform into. Some possibilities include changing arms into numerous tentacles, gaining a head of a shark, growing quills with deadly venom, or gaining the ability to deliver powerful electrical shocks. Only one form is gained each time this power is learned, though the possibilities are only limited by the strange creatures of the sea and your imagination. The storyteller will need to determine the exact abilities of each form.

[7] Cross the ocean's vastness: The Vampire uses the water around his body to travel great distances. The Vampire can move through the water at speeds over a hundred knots all night without tiring.

[8] Grow to full greatness: Through time and the consumption of vast amount of blood, the Coelacanth's body begins to grow. Kindred with this ability may increase in mass to the point that they may add health levels to their total beyond the usual seven. A Vampire may add up to her stamina in new health levels. The exact rate of growth is up to the storyteller, but it is likely to occur at approximately one health level per century depending on how much blood the Vampire is able to freely consume. When out of water the Kindred must subtract the number of new health levels from any activity involving athletics.

[9] Swallow: A truly horrible power to witness, the Coelacanth consumes living organisms by absorbing them directly into his body. This requires that the Kindred first grapple the target and on the next action make a successful attack with difficulty 5. Five successes are required to completely absorb the victim. After a creature is absorbed it may make no physical action, but it remains alive and in great pain. Someone so absorbed must expend a willpower point a turn to make use any mental abilities. After ingesting a creature the Vampire begins to drain blood from the creature at double the usual rate. Once the victim has been entirely drained it is dead and the physical body is for the most part destroyed, although the Vampire will eventually excrete some waste matter through the skin. A Vampire may absorb no more than his mass in victims each night.

[10] Ocean's master: This powerful ability allows the Coelacanth, after transforming into a watery form to extend herself throughout the surrounding water and control its motion. Using this ability the Vampire can perform actions ranging from creating an unusual tide in a local area (a bay for example) to forming a whirlpool that can sink ships to becoming a tidal wave. All of these manifestations require several hours time and the expenditure of ten or more blood points.