The Children of Lillith

by Mister_S (11 Oct 95)

Chapter One: The Rubricon of Lillith

(As translated from the ancient texts)

In the days after Caine created his childer, and his grandchilder roamed the First City, Lillith did appear to one of Caines children without Caine's knowledge. Lillith told Caine's childe of days to come, where a great war would fall upon them, and their childer, Caine's granchildren, would rise up against them. She told the childe that if he did not hide from the eyes of Caine's grandchildren, that final death would surely fall upon him. Lillith offered the childe of Caine refuge from the impending storm, for she did favor this childe of Caine more than all of Caine's children. Heeding Lillith's warning, the childe did go with Lillith and hide with her in the wilderness.

As the childe of Caine watched from afar, as surely as Lillith did warn, the grandchildren of Caine rose up against their own sires and slew them. Fearful, the childe of Caine asked of Lillith if they would search for him, for surely they knew that he was indeed missing. Consoled by Lillith, she told him that all was taken care of, and that she was safe within her arms. Again, as Lillith did say, the grandchildren satisfied with their hunt, did not seek him out. The childe spent many nights with Lilli ......text is missing...... n to the other children of Caine, Jahared took in his mind, a vile plot. He spoke to the others, and told them that he would show them where this childe of Caine did make his haven. In this way, he knew that he would have the beautiful Lillith to himself. The grandchildren of Caine accepted his offer, and greeted him to their coven.

Jahared did show the grandchildren of Caine the resting place of his sire after three days, for Lillith did leave the haven in search of Jahared. A great battle occurred in the haven, and after great destruction was wrought throughout the haven, the childe of Caine did perish and was taken by one known as Hakkim. Jahared was glad for the death of his sire, for now he believed Lillith to be his and his alone. In this time that he was alone, for Lillith still had not returned to the haven, Jahared did return to the wilderness and created children to accompany him.

Lillith did return to the haven in time, and seeing the havoc wrought throughout it, she questioned Jahared. Jahared did say unto her that the childe of Caine was slain by the grandchildren of Caine, who did force the location of his sire from him. Lillith did see through his lie, and she was enraged that this man would do such a thing.

Cursed are you, Jahared, for you did lie to me, and you did plot the death of your sire. Your crimes are great, and they stem from the lust within your soul for me.

Lillith then cursed Jahared, and sent him into the sleep of death, and banished him from the lands of the children of Caine.

Lillith then cursed Jahared, and sent him into the sleep of death, and banished him from the lands of the children of Caine.

Lillith did then take the children of Jahared and pulled them under her wing, for they were lost in the wilderness without their sire. She taught them that their sire had embraced them in a lie, and that they would never again be victim to his crimes, if they did learn from her and grow strong.

The children of Jahared did agree and learned from Lillith the powers of truth and ways of the night. They did learn and grew strong, but the did stay hidden from their brethren for Lillith instructed them to do so. Lillith told her new children that one day, they would rejoin their brethren, and they would aide them in the fight against Jahared, for he and the other grandchildren of Caine wished all their children ill-will.

After the days that Lillith did leave them, they did eventually emerge into the world, and disguise themselves from, the other brethren, awaiting the time when Lillith would permit them into the world....

Chapter Two: The Ways of the Dreamers

The organization of the Children of Lillith is perhaps one of the most simplistic in all vampire society. This is primarily due to the small numbers of the Children of Lillith that exist. The secrecy of the clan is responsible for their small numbers. This clan also has remarkably low instances of duplicity or ulterior motives, due again to the small numbers that exist. This is also due to the beliefs of the members.

Clan Structure

The leader of the Children of Lillith is known as the Thane. The Thane is known amongst the clan as the mouth of Lillith. It is believed that the Thane has some form of communication with Lillith herself, and all direction for the clan is handed down to the Thane. Thus, the word of the Thane is the word of Lillith. Disobeying an order from the Thane typically carries a punishment of a quick final death.

There are other members of the leadership of the Children of Lillith, and these are known as the Magnates. The Magnates are the regional leaders of the Children of Lillith. Regions are defined typically by continents. There is one Magnate for Europe and Western Asia, one in Africa, one in North America, one in South America, and one in Australia. The Magnates are the only ones who have contact with the Thane on a regular basis and this is mainly due to security purposes. The Magnates communicate to the Thane in their sleep in the form of dreams, the basis of their clan discipline Sublimate. They pass down the orders of the Thane to the other members of the clan. The Magnates cannot punish members of the clan by themselves, they must have a meeting where each Magnate must judge the indiscretion, and then sentence be carried out. This meeting is again held in a dreamstate where the member in question is held prisoner during the day in a sealed haven until sentence can be g iven.

Clan Lifestyle

Each member of this clan, when embraced, goes through a rigorous learning experience. They each must learn the history of the clan. In this way, rumors and lies can be dispelled. The Rubricon of Lillith tells the story of the clan's creation, and each new member is required to thoroughly know the Rubricon before they are allowed to roam free. After the member is embraced and properly trained in the knowledges and disciplines of the clan, they are presented to the Magnates and the Thane in a dreamstate. There, the final arbitration of the neonate is made. If the member is worthy of becoming one of the Children of Lillith, they are accepted by the Thane, and her name is recorded into the Chronicle of Lillith. If the member is not considered worthy, they are taken by the Magnates and the Thane to a secret location, where they are reconditioned. All knowledge of the clan is wiped clean from their minds, and the knowledge of their clan discipline is replace with one other. They are then usually released into the world as Panders. Some of the ones who are embraced are deemed unworthy are destroyed, for some are even deemed unfit as vampires altogether, though this is typically very rare.

The other members of this clan are very few indeed. The exact numbers, however, are unknown to all but the Thane and the Magnates. Each member is rather free to do as they please within a city, except for showing their true identity to other humans, or other vampires. The Masquerade for the Children of Lillith is one of the most strict and most important known by any vampire in the world today. Typically, any small instance of breaking the Masquerade can easily be corrected with the use of their clan discipline Sublimate. If the Magnates, or even the Thane must be involved to cover up the infraction, the punishment is usually severe.

The nights of the Children of Lillith are typically very lonely, for they are not typically allowed to roam and interact with any other kindred or kine without the knowledge of who they are being compromised. On the other hand, the Children of Lillith are constantly working for the efforts of Lillith and doing her bidding in preparation for the attempted retaliation of Jahared. The Children of Lillith have been aiding the Sabbat (behind the scenes) since their creation, and they wish to see their goals met, that being, the destruction of the Antediluvians.

The Children of Lillith are required to meet once per year in the Dreamlands. There, the Thane discusses with the entire clan the future of the Children of Lillith. In these meetings, the words of Lillith are passed down to them, as well as the year's history told to the entire clan.

The Chronicle of Lillith

The Chronicle of Lillith is a book that is written by the Thane. The entire history of the Children of Lillith is kept in the chronicle, and each and every members name is written therein upon their acceptance to the Clan. Even the names of the failed members and those destroyed are kept within the chronicle, so they may trace any heritage. The Chronicle is guarded in a place that is known as the Dreamlands. The Dreamlands is a location that is known only to the members of the Children of Lillith, and it is accessible to any member.

Stereotypes of the Children of Lillith


Chapter Three: The Discipline of the Children of Lillith

The Children of Lillith employ the Disciplines of Obfuscate and Potence. They also use the Discipline of Sublimate. Only Children of Lillith know the discipline Sublimate, and any attempts to each others of the discipline results in the pupil being quickly destroyed, along with their teacher.