by Mithrandir (2 Mar 93)

OK, so I've been thinking and tossing up ideas back and forth about machines and Vampire, and so I've come up with this New Bloodline and their own special discipline to be called Mechanus (NOT Meccano!)

All this is Tadhg Kelly (aka me!) 1993, with people on the Vampire Mailing List given permission to copy for their own personal use only.


The Mekara

Nickname: Fixers

History: The Mekara are a very small and recent (by Vampire standards) Bloodline of Western European origin. They were founded in the 17th Century by a Vampire called Mekar, and, as is always the way with many Clans, they took his name in his honour. Mekar was a Methuselah of the 5th Generation known for his interests in technology, which, during this period, was beginning to flourish due to the Rennaisance. Many of Mekar's Childer also had great interests in machinery, from the very simple upwards. Mekar eventuually developed his interests into a new Discipline, which he taught to all of his Progeny while he studied it. At that time, the Sabbat were at war with the Camarilla, and Mekar did not wish to side with either.

However, his own Clan, the Toreador, insisted that he fight the Sabbat "scourge", but Mekar refused. He broke ties with his former Clan and took his Progeny with him to hopefully remain independant of thee trouble. This new line, the Mekara, remained secretive, but not terribly so, as they went about their business, ignoring the outside world.

But as the line grew quickly, many of the younger ones longed to get involved in the conflict on the side of the Sabbat, and they did on occasion.

Prompted by the now hateful Toreador that Mekar was a full traitor to the Camarilla, the Camarilla moved to crush the Mekara before they became a real threat to the Power Base of the Camarilla. Only a handful of the Mekara survived, and fled immediately to the Sabbat territory. Mekar himself disappeared, and is believved by the remaining Clan to be in Torpor to this day.

Upon joining the Sabbat, the Mekara proved themselves immediately vaulauble with their new Discipline, and thus were accepted as one of the many Clans of the Sabbat.

Today, the role of the Mekara is as great as ever, as technology flourishes even more than before. They are expert repairmen and saboteurs to boot. They take a most actiive intterest, along with the Toreador antitribu, in hunting out Camarilla Toreador and putting them to stake and flame.

The Clan has retained much Toreador wild ways, and their parties are some of the most confusing affairs to outsiders. Frequently, there will be several computers and Console games all over the place, which are popular among the Mekara as Games to Play.

Appearance: As often as not, Mekara will wear overalls while working or flamboyant clothes when "out and about", which bely their Toreador origins. The Mekara will always drive the best custom-made cars, have state of the art equiment on hand, and so on.

Haven: Mekara usually keep two havens, one is their workshop, and the other is their condo/nice place. The workshop will have lots of tools and other gadgets lying around, while the apartment will be full of tech, like CD players, 28" TV's and so on.

Background: The Clan usually choose those who are mechanically adept or who have artistic flair, although in times of Jyhad, they may pick just about anyone, depending on their taste in cars or whatever. All are taught ho set and fix things after being created, unless there's a Jyhad in the way, in which they don't bother until after the event.

Character Creation: For the Mekara, mechanics and artists are the most common types chosen for tthe Creation Rites. Most are Visionaries or Conformists by Nature, with the most common Demeanours being Gallant Jester and Curmudgeon. Mental and Social are Primary, as are Skills. Typical Backgrounds are Resources, Contacts (to get illegal stuff) and quite a few have Pack Status, because of the good jobs they do.
An increasing number of the Mekara are computer Freaks/Wizzes these days.

Clan Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Mechanus.

Weaknesses: The Mekara hold the same sort of fascination for things of technological beauty that Toreador do for objects of beauty. They must suceed in a Willpower roll or be transfixed for quite a while by the object in question. Also, the Mekara hold an unbounded hatred of Toreador Elders, and when in Frenzy situations, they must make another Instincts roll to control themselves against Toreadoor in the area. They will do anything to harm Toreador, especially burning their favourite artworks, or stealing away their prospective new members and killing them.

Preferred Paths: Many of this Clan follow the Path of Cathari, though quite a few follow the Path of Honorable Accord, and the Path of Harmony.

Organisation: The Mekara do not have the distinction of Artistes and Poseurs quite as badly as the Toreador, but nevertheless, they is always a little friction between both sides. Mekara prefer the company of themselves, mechanics and engineers to others, Their loyalties lie most often to the Sabbat first, the Clan second and the Pack third. They see themselves as individual from others, often. The Poseurs tend to see themselvees as more of a group than the Artistes.

Gaining Clan Prestige: The usual way to gain Prestige is to design some item of machinery which is a big hit and innovative. Another way is to spite the Toreador better than everyone else. Also, throwing good parties is almost always a Prestige winner, if it's the sort that interests the Mekara (ie, lots of techie things to play with.).

Quote: "Now, the Ford ThunderBird, there's a real car. I remember one time I stripped one of those babies down and played with the engine. Only, it was for one of those stinkin' Toreador, and well, next night, there was a lovely boom when he got into the thing. Shame about the car, though."


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