Lost Boys

by Jack Dracula (5 May 93)

[author's notes: my sources for the following are the original script to The Lost Boys, a propective script to Lost Boys 2, and also the films Lost Boys and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. This work by no means intends to step on the copyrights for any of the above or the copyrights of White Wolf's Storyteller Games. This info is for free use, but if you want to make me happy, use me as an NPC. It's fun. -JD]


Nickname: Lost Boys

The origins of the Lothorian bloodline remain a mystery to this day. None of its members known are older than Seventh generation. All of the research presented here comes from Ahab, a Malkavian who has dedicated himself to discovering the final dichotomy of truth.

The roots of the Lothorian have been traced deep behind the Silk Curtain. While the founder of the line is unknown, all of the earliest practitioners are Oriental. Ahab reports to have contacted a few, and gives us the following:

The Lothorian (not the original name, obviously) is one of four bloodlines dedicated to the five elements. The Lothorian line is of the Air; these five lines work in concert and opposition to one another. This explanation, while still an enigma, is supported by two pieces of evidence very strongly: The hatred by the lycanthropes (Earth=Gaia) as well as their unique weakness, to be discussed later.

(For the reader's interest, no information is yet available on the other four lines.)

But this long tradition from the Orient has little impact on the Neonates. This is partly due to the reticence of the Oriental Kindred. But the real problem is that of the Lothorian traditions. In the Embrace, the lone Lothorian will embrace a handful of childer at once, teaching them little more than survival. They are taught nothing of the Traditions of the Camarilla; they usually learn nothing at all of other Kindred. This lack of education has led to their defeat time and time again (and if one survives, he teaches his brood just as he was taught, perpetuating the cycle of ignorance.) Their defeats have been at the hands of inexperienced hunters, raging Lupines, and other occasional horrors (like the one brood that was haunted by a Hunter who kept being reincarnated.) Rumor also holds that the Oriental sect of the clan will hire kindred to destroy these young upstarts.

The Neonates of the clan, these packs, are Anarchs of the worst kind. They break the Masquerade at will, running the streets like an immortal gang. So far, their activities have been confined to the Anarch Free States and surrounding territories. Most Princes know little of this line, identifying them as simple Caitiff, or more commonly, Sabbat. The Sabbat, on the other claw, knows of the Lothorian powers, and are quite interested in using this clan for their own ends.

The Broods are always started by a Master Vamp, who then Embraces the rest. Sometimes, he Embraces one who he then has embrace the rest, thus keeping the masses with weaker power. Neonates are always observed as humans, chosen for their strength or appearance. These chosen are made into Ghouls first, and then after they prove their worth, are made one of the line. Those deemed unworthy are lunch.

All members are bound to the master, sometimes unwittingly (such as with a wine bottle to be passed around.) Even the Ghouls are bound to this. The first embraced by the master works as a sort of second-in-command, and may or may not be seen as the master.

Appearance: Young toughs, almost all are chosen from their late teens or early twenties. The rumors of James Dean as Kindred come from one brood in San Francisco, who was chosen just for that very reason.

Havens: The brood usually keeps a communal haven, in some abandoned place far from the hunt. Some old forgotten haunt is preferrable, like an abandoned hotel, or an old '50s bomb shelter. And travel is never a problem....

Backgrounds: Misfits and Anarchs of the youth culture, always Ghouled before Embraced.

Character Creation: Nature and Demeanor favorites are Rebel, Deviant, Jester, and Bravo, although all bets are off for the Nature in some cases. Physical attributes & Talents are primary.

Clan Disciplines: Icarus, Potence, Protean

Culture: Ignored by Camarilla in most cases, Hunted by them in the others. They appear to have some long-lost tie to the Gangrel, but if this was true, it was probably a marrige of convenience. They have recently started making forays out of the Anarch Free States, but to little success.

Weakness: The true Line weakness is a throwback from their roots: A stake to the heart will kill them. Final Death. Also, due to the lack of education, Hollywood-itis runs rampant. Many end up with flaws of Cast No Reflection, Repelled By Garlic, and Repelled by Religious Objects.

The Double Edged Razor: There is one great secret of the Lothorian, guarded by those of high generation (who have little to no contact with each other, ever.) This cannot be explained, only observed. If a Lothorian has a full Blood Pool, and is invited into a house by the master of the house, all vampiric weaknesses and powers are negated. Blood pumps the heart, she can eat food, (please note the aura remains pale) skin temperature rises. The Vampire is human to all who view him. (He is, however, still vulnerable to sunlight, fire, and the stake.) If the Lothorian is not invited or the invitation is repealed, all bets are off.
Remember, this secret is closedly guarded by the higher generations: no one else knows of it, much less how they do it.

Humanity: Most Lothorians lose their humanity while Ghouled. Their brutal practices strip away what little they have. Most seem to follow the Path Of Cathari.

AFTERWORD: Imprimis, remember that all the names used in this article are the American names. The Oriental names are much different, as is their entire outlook. Secundus, the Oriental Kindred logically would have different sorts of disciplines, as well as being more powerful due to their higher generation. More information will be made available as it is discovered by Ahab, who is still researching this enigma behind the Silk Curtain.