by Rasmus Hansson (30 Mar 94)

This is the oriental vampire-clan. They originally came from Japan but has now spread across all of Asia. There are a few of this clan in the American and in Europe, but their number is very small there. They live life, if away from the orient, very quietly and peacefully, like all would expect from an oriental. On homebase, in Japan especially, the scene is quite different, however. Gangs of Anarchs roam the streets at night, killing any vampire who comes in their path. They are dreaded warriors and can, if in a gang, easily match themselves with the Brujah in America.

The older vampires of this clan are not like their young, foolish progeny. They are powerful vampires, and have mastered very different powers than the American clans have. If an older vampire of this clan is encountered in the new or the old world (American or Europe, that is) they are treated with respect and fear from the vampires of equal generation. Very often are they asked to join a Princes Primogen, and hopefully influence the vampires of his domain to be as peaceful and in harmony as he or she is.

This clan is not very large, not one of the greater, and no one has heard of an Shutendoji older than the 5:th generation. They are feared and respected among other vampires, and it is said that their blood grants a vampire who drinks it great wisdom. Very few Rouges dare to attack a vampire of this clan, for two reasons.

First of all, most members of this clan are very prominent fighters and can easily hold their own in a fight. Secondly, there is great pride in this clan and if one of them falls, their death must be avenged. Even if an official Blood Hunt is not called, the Shutendoji, by themselves or in gangs, will walk the streets until they find what they are looking for and give it a slow and horrible death.

This clan is strictly organized, with a powerful hierarchy. The younger members of the clan pay no attention to the Elders, and sometimes suffers the consequence for their lack of honor and discipline.

Nickname: Pointyeyes

Appearance: This clan varies in appearance widely, as they do not reflect one social group, but all orientals. They normally dress in modern clothes, but some of the older vampires tend to dress in traditional suits and wear with these, the swords of a samurai.

Haven: In Japan, they live in all kinds of places, but when in Europe or America, they usually live by themselves, in cottages or beachhouses that are secluded from the community in which they live.

Background: All orientals are accepted as Progeny to this clan. However, any other mortals (Europeans and so on) are despised and never taken in as Progeny. Older vampires of this clan comes from the higher society, but the social standard has dropped in the last 40 or 50 years.

Character creation: Shutendoji often has professional or punk concepts. They often have calm and timid Demeanors, and dedicated Natures, Bon Vivant and Jester are very unusual as natures or demeanors. Mental attributes are primary, as are Skills. They often have Mentor, Contacts or Retainers as Background Traits.

Clan Disciplines: Celerity, Obfuscate, Telergi

Weaknesses: Shutendoji often have a hard time accepting changes around them and they do not wish to learn a bout the changes. They seldom learn any languages apart from their first language (Japanese or Chinese for the most part) and they tend to be loners, as they do not like the changes that company brings into their (un)life.

Organization: This clan has a strong hierarchy and a powerful council in each domain they possess. In this domain, nothing gets by the council or the Prince.

Quote: "Yes, I understand your problem. I will try to help you to the best of my abilities. If we encounter something in our way, we will first ask it politely to step aside, and if it does not, we will destroy it."



Taken from Rasmus Hansson's pages.