by Mark Kinney (20 Oct 93)

This discipline is what allows the Bathory to feed by absorbing blood throught their skin. It is similar to Vicissitude, in that a taste of Bathory blood is required to be able to use the discipline. Most Bathory are quite unwilling to give that taste, however, except when it suits their needs.

[1] Blood Bath: At this level, the Kindred can absorb one point of blood per turn that has already been extracted from the vessel.

[2] Extraction of Vitae: This level allows the user to absorb vitae (one point per turn) through a wound of at least one wound level. This works more directly than the previous level.

[3] Absorption of Vitae: This level allows absorption of blood directly through the vessel's unbroken skin at a rate of one blood point per turn.

[4] Pool of Blood: This is identical to the level one power, except that two points per turn may be absorbed.

[5] Mingling of the Blood: This level allows the absorption of two blood points through an open wound, as per level two otherwise. In addition, the user may optionally "exchange" blood points in this way, or transfer blood to another through a wound, allowing ghoul creation of stages toward a blood bond.

[6] The Secret Bonding: This level is similar to level five, but may be done through the vessel's unbroken skin.

[7] Ocean of Blood: This level is similar to level one, except that three points may be absorbed per turn.

[8] Watery Medium: At this level, a single blood point may be drawn from from a vessel at a distance, as long as liquid of some sort connects the exposed skin of both the Kindred and the vessel.

[9] Aerial Medium: At this level, the water vapor in the air is usable as a medium, similar to level eight, except that the blood point is *physically pulled through the air*. Witnesses to this use of Osmosis can be required to make Courage rolls at the Storyteller's option.

System: On levels three, five, six, eight and nine, roll Osmosis versus the difficulty of the victim's Stamina+Fortitude if they resist, and on level five and its related levels, roll Perception+Alertness for the target against Difficulty 8 to feel the switch.

Note: Elisabeth Bathory was known to have commited diablerie on her sire. She was originally fifth generation. There are no Bathory of higher than fourth generation.

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