by Brian Burke (15 Jul 93)

Nickname: Children of The Void.

History: The Caantalsay bloodline stems from a 6th generation Malkavian who's particular derangement stemmed from a fanatical obssesion with time. This individual, who is refered to as Father Time by other Caantalsay has recently disappeared. It is rumored that he has evoloved to a point where he can gaze into the future as if he were an actual participant and has used this power to gaze upon the final outcome of the Jyhad. What he saw was supposedly enough to drive him deeper into any madness ever known by any other Malkavian.

The exact origin of the Bloodline and the date of the first childe created by Father Time is unkown. Though most Caantalsay beleive it was around the time of the Inquisition.

Recruitment: Caantalsay usually choose those who have a similiar affinity for time as themselves. Sometimes this includes Historians, Archeologist's, and so forth. Some Malkavian's are rumored to have been taken in and tought Vendaal, but it is said only a Malkavian is capable of understanding the truth behind the mechanics of time.

Characteristics, Traits, and so forth: The Caantalsay community is varied. Many though tend to lean toward Mental attributes as their primary.

Many Caantalsay have a few levels of History and realted abilities. Many also have the Investigation, Empathy, Performance, and some skill with stringed instruments.

Organization: The Caantalsay still associate with the Malkavian and so tend to be present at their get-togethers. It is rare that a group of Caantalsay will get together, many do not know they are of a seperate Bloodline and would be very shocked if told they were. The majority of Kindred are unaware that the Caantalsay even exist and wouldn't beleive it if they were told. If it could be proved many would pay for their unique services.

Never the less, if a Caantalsay is aware that another of his kind is in trouble they will go out of their way to help that person, but of course will expect the same in return.

Weaknesses: First and foremost the Caantalsay are still tied to the Malkavian clan, therefore they suffer from a mandatory Derangement [PC's choice]. In addition to a chosen derangement the character has an Obsession with time.

Also, Caantalsay resent being slaves to time, therefore they are usually too early or too late for appointments, meetings, and such.

Clan Disciplines: Vendaal, Auspex, Obfuscate