by Killjoy LePal, with input by Baldandar@aol.com (5 Jan 95)

The Setites had lost lots of confidence in creating other clans, but they took on help from a Samedi, a Tremere, and a Tzimisce. The end result was hideously spectacular (and, at the same time, spectacularly hideous). 1804 gave rise to the creation of a successful thing of a clan, serpentine in form, as hideous as Nosferatu, and abominably deceitful. So good at lying, were they, that they had a discipline centered around the perversion of truth.

It was a curse and a blessing at the same time. The Setites, due to their success at creating the deceivers, were taken in by their deceit, and now, the Apophisim (singular Apophisite) are Lieutenants in the front. However, due to this, they are always in the front, and are the first wave in the takeover of a city.

No matter, their position is secure. And who knows? Their power can still go up, maybe even beyond the Setites? Maybe, they could overrun them, become them? Who knows...?

The Deceivers are based around the ruination of the other factions, and take pride in their work. They are very jealous of any secret, and subvert with glee, knowing no one knows of them.

Setite Prestige supersedes Apophisim Prestige in all ways. (One Setite Prestige beats any quantity of Apophisim Prestige.)

Nickname: The Deceivers

Appearance: Serpentine. As they possess no disguise power, they usually shroud themselves in cloaks, panchos, hoods, and the like. They almost uniformly wear gloves.

Haven: Caves are preferable. But anywhere will suffice.

Background: Only the lowest scum liars, cheats, and abominably deceptive evils are taken in and embraced. Only the most despicable, ill-willed, deceitful, lying, cheating, and back stabbing people will do.

Character Generation: Concepts of any kind are common. Liar-type natures are common, as are the Autist or Conformist Demeanors. Social are Primary (believe it or not), as are Skills. Common Backgrounds are Status and Setite or Apophisim Prestige (the Cammarilla, as yet, knows nothing of the true meaning of their existence). Boons are common Merits.

Clan Disciplines: Celerity, Deceit, Serpentis

Weakness: They are so hideous so as to have a nil in Appearance, as per Nosferatu, specializing as Serpentine.

Gaining Clan Prestige: Prestige is conferred by better deceit. The more beneficial the lie, the better off you are.

Quote: "Yes, I bow to the Setites. Because of it, my brethren's place is secure in the New Order..."


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