Atlanta by night

by Matthew Treboni (12 Oct 94)

Well, don't expect this to be true to history or the geography of Atlanta. This is just my cheap 5 cent history of the Kindred of Atlanta, just so the NPCs I post will make a little more sense. Hopefully, there will be enough info here, that if anyone really wants to use some of my Atlanta by Night (as opposed to the soon to be released Necropolis:Atlanta), they would be able to without too much trouble. Actually, since, as I said, this isn't too geographically specific, it wouldn't be too hard to adapt this to pretty much any city.

Before I go into the NPCs in Atlanta, it would probably be a good idea to lay down some general foundations of whats going on in my WoD Atlanta. (Not the Necropolis) Knowing a bit of whats been going on lately will make the NPCs a bit more placeable.

Lets take it back as far as relevant in WoD Atlanta. That would be Sherman's burning of Atlanta in the Civil War. Now, before and during the Civil War, the prince of Atlanta was a southern Ventrue. He, as one would expect, died the Final Death in the flames of the Union. His replacement was a northern Ventrue, known as Walter Carpenter.

Carpenter held power for quite some time, with only minor anarch troubles from time to time. His worst troubles came in the wake of the civil rights movement. Small-time riots, and even a few larger riots, due to civil rights demonstrations drew a large swarm of anarchs into Atlanta. This influx of anarchs took its toll upon Carpenter. The Camarilla frowned upon his inability to control and enforce the traditions in his Domain. The Masquerade was being broken left and right. Carpenter sent out a desperate call for help to his clan and sect heads. Aid didnt come for a desparingly long amount of time. When it did come, it was in the form of several significantly powerful Nosferatu who had recently come to the city. They cleaned up the city quickly, taking advantage of passages that connected most of the buildings to the sewer system. These passages, secret backdoors, if you will, also enabled the Nosferatu to take hold of the city for themselves, under the leadership of a young, but powerful Nos known as Lurker.

Lurker and his Nosferatu held the city's Kindred in fear. These rats had backdoors into most of the Kindred's havens. Nowhere in the city was safe. Things remained in this state until approximatly 1990. One night, the Kindred of Atlanta awoke to find Carpenter missing. There was no trace of the Prince. The city (at least the Kindred of the city) fell into chaos once again as the local Giovanni (courtesy Coca-Cola) made a bid for power. The Nosferatu, although powerful, couldn't crush the Necromancers outright. Things soon escalated into all-out war.

Late that year, just when things were looking especially bleak for the Camarilla, a new representative arrived in town. This new Kindred, who claimed to be sent by the Camarilla, claimed the position of Prince, and had allies and means to back up her claim. Setting up shop in a burned-out, boarded up church that the Nosferatu had no back doors to, she began to clean up Atlanta. Now, six years later (yes, its already 1996 in my chronicle - almost Olympics time! Wont that be fun for the players!) she has managed to build a fairly stable power base. The underground war rages on, however, and all three sides (the Nosferatu, the Camarilla represented by the new prince, and the Giovanni) still fight for power, although not as openly.

Recently, the Giovanni suffered a major blow. After a staggering defeat by the PCs (working somewhat for the Prince), the Giovanni attempted to fly in reinforcements from Venice. The plane was bombed, killing all the Necromancers aboard. This bombing was done by a Giovanni experiment gone bad. A recent attempt to summon Caine and unleash him upon Atlanta may have succeeded. A very powerful vampire was summoned, and since then, has already created a large brood to aid him in taking over the city for his own uses. As it stands now (about April 1996), Atlanta is a city in turmoil. "Caine" and his brood have bombed the elysium, destroyed the Church that the Prince was operating out of, and bombed most of the airport.

Well, thats my WoD Atlanta. If you read through this far, and it didn't bore you, maybe Im not as bad a writer as I thought.


The Characters: