Miranda Fallcrown

by Matthew Treboni (17 Oct 94)

Name: Miranda Fallcrown, Prince of Atlanta
Clan: Tzimisce (antitribu?!?)
Generation: 6

Nature: Autocrat
Demeanor: Director

Sire: unknown
Embrace: 1802 (born 1762)
Apparent Age: 40

Physical Description: Miranda Fallcrown's appearance hasn't changed much since the Embrace, despite the tendency of those like her to lose thier origional form. But then, she does have a model to work from when she does need to return to her origional form. Miranda commonly wears all black dresses, and a sliver cross necklace (displaying the cross upside-down). She has dark eyes (usually brown) and long jet-black hair, with a lone white streak running through it.

Physical:                    Social:                       Mental:
 Strength:4                   Charisma:4                    Perception:5
 Dexterity:5                  Manipulation:7                Intelligence:4
 Stamina:5                    Appearance:5                  Wits:7
Talents:                     Skills:                      Knowledges:
 Brawl:2  Diplomacy:4         Body Alteration:6             Law:5
 Dodge:5  Mimicry:4           Melee:2   Stealth:5           Sabbat Lore:5
 Empathy:3                    Security:3                    Kindred Lore:2
 Acting:4                     Disguise:5                    Computer:1
 Intimidation:6               Debate:3                      Linguistics:1
 Leadership:5                 Fast-Talk:4
Disciplines:                 Backgrounds:                  Virtues:
 Vicissitude:7                Generation:7                  Callousness:3
  (blood of acid,             Status:5                      Instincts:4
     body arsenal)            Resources:5                   Morale:5
 Dominate:7                   Influence:3
Willpower: 9
Path of Power and the Inner Voice: 4

Miranda Fallcrown is *in control*. She always has been in control of her life. Even in her homeland of Mexico, Miranda was in control. With her twin sister Maria, they were the oldest 7 siblings. When thier parents died of smallpox, it was Miranda who took control and somehow managed to keep all but one of their brothers and sisters alive through the crisis. Miranda's support through the rough times was her twin sister Maria, who would always be at her sister's side, and help whenever necessary. When the twins were in their late twenties, however, Maria disappeared. Miranda was left with such an utter aloneness that would have driven her mad, if not for the fact that the rest of the family needed her. That purpose, that sense of being in control, and being needed kept her going. For ten years, she strived on until one day, while wandering the same fields where Maria had vanished from her side so long ago, Miranda was attacked, and blacked out before she could realize what was going on.

Everything was black. The earth pressed in on all sides. Miranda realized she had been buried alive! A frantic need to get out took over Miranda's senses as she tore herself from the ground. Pulling upward towards the ground above, it was hours before she finally broke free. When she broke through, she looked around to see a group of vampires standing around her "grave" as if waiting for her to break ground.

"Miranda?" One of the vampires screamed.

Miranda looked over and saw Maria standing not too far away, look just as she did a little over ten years before, when she had disappeared. The situation was quickly explained to her. It turned out that Miranda was now a vampire, of a sect called the Sabbat, and a clan called Tzimisce. Her sister was also Sabbat, but of a clan called Lasombra.

The pair, reunited, and happy (as close to it as possible) once more, spent the next almost two centuries as loyal and devoted members of the Sabbat. Miranda rose to the level of Bishop, and was being considered as a possible archbishop when one night, she awoke to find a stranger standing over her. She tried to attack the invader, but was unable to resist his Presence. He soon explained that he meant her no harm, and had a deal to make. He would put her in control of the city of Atlanta. Total control. There were only two catches. First, she had to aid him in a long-term project of his. This seemed fairly reasonable. Secondly, she had to defect to the Camarilla.

Defect to the Camarilla? That foul batch of antediluvian-puppets? The thought sickened her. Even if they didn't revolt her so much, there was still the matter of leaving the Sabbat. It wasn't something that was done if one planned on a continued existance.

The stranger, who introduced himself as Verro, had answers to both problems. First off, he had reason to believe that the Sabbat was aiding the cause of Gehenna more than the Camarilla. While, admittedly, neither knew what was going on, the Sabbat's dark thaumaturgists, and others within the sect aided what Verro suspected to be the slumbering Kindred who would arise and start Gehenna. According to Verro, somewhere, deep below Atlanta, lay a vampire of the 4th generation who alone knew the location of his sire.

When Miranda questioned Verro about the clan of the ancient one, he had this to say : "The one that sleeps beneath Atlanta is a grandchilde of the bastard of Caine." She inquired further, but accepted his explanation that further information was best left unsaid until things were certain.

As for leaving the Sabbat, Verro and his allies would protect her and secure her position in Atlanta. She accepted the deal on one condition of her own: that her sister come with her. Verro agreed. He also insisted she bring her associate, Ahmed, a powerful member of the Black Hand who he had already spoken to.

The next night Miranda left for Atlanta, with her sister and Ahmed in tow. They were confronted several times during their escape, but with the combined might of Ahmed and Verro's mysterious allies (seemingly dozens of anarchs) they made it to Atlanta unharmed. Once there, Verro's outside manipulations secured her credentials as the Camarilla prince. She found a city in chaos and her instincts took over. She immediatly began to take control, and clean up the city.


Verro came to Miranda one last time, late in 1990. He came to her with a strange woman, tall and thin, with pointed ears. He claimed he had found her where no one else would have thought to look. Miranda was puzzled until he showed her the mark of the crescent moon on the back of the woman's neck. Verro told Miranda to Embrace the girl, and then protect her from those who would harm her because of the mark. He said she would be of importance later in Miranda's reign. Miranda embraced the woman. The blood was odd-tasting, and had a strange almost alcaholic quality. Before he left, Verro told Miranda he had shattered the girl's mind as she knew things which would be dangerous to their plans. He vowed to return in ten years, to check on things, but would come sooner if Miranda found the location of the ancient one beneath her city.