Major Joel Watkins

by Matthew Treboni (12 Oct 94)

Name: Major Joel Watkins
Clan: Nosferatu
Generation: 12

Nature: Survivor
Demeanor: Architect

Sire: Lurker
Embrace: 1975 (born 1947)
Apparent Age: n/a

Physical Description: Mjr. Watkins best resembles a decaying corpse. While his skin does not actually fall off, it does appear to be rotting to that point, with loose flaps of skin hanging off freely.

     Strength: 4 (Deceptively strong)
     Dexterity: 5 (Slick)
     Stamina: 2
     Charisma: 4 (Fast-talking)
     Manipulation: 2
     Appearance: 0
     Perception: 3
     Intelligence: 2
     Wits: 4 (Sharp)
Talents:                     Skills:                   Knowledges:
 Search:1                     Drive:1                   Investigation:3
 Brawl:5  Dodge:5             Martial Arts Weapons:4    Area Knowledge:5
 Subterfuge:5                 Camoflauge: 3               (Atlanta's sewers+
 Alertness:1                  Stealth:2                       streets)
 Scrounging:2                 Disguise:2
Disciplines:                Backgrounds:               Virtues:
 Obsfucate:5                 Generation:1               Self-Control:3
 Potence:1                   Status:3                   Conscience:2
                             Contacts:4                 Courage:4
Merits & Flaws:
   Foul Blood
   Selective Digestion: Attractive Mortals
   Taloned Fingers (3 pt. merit - see below)
Willpower: 7
Humanity: 5

Joel Watkins was a soldier. He did his job as good as the next guy. When he was on his tour of duty in Vietnam, he was assigned to be a "tunnel rat" - scouting the vietcong tunnels beneath the jungle. He did his job well, and earned some quick promotions. When he was finally called back, Joel had earned the rank of major. Yet even now that he was an officer, he could never forget the combined horror and thrill of crawling through those tunnels.

Back in the States, Mjr. Watkins joined the ranks of the many mentally unstable vets. He took to wandering beneath the streets of his home town, Atlanta, and checking out the sewers there. On one of his wanderings he came across a dark shape, only vaguely human in appearance. When he confronted it, Mjr. Watkins was attacked, and soon blacked out. The next thing he knew, Watkins was in the underground stronghold of a beast known as the Lurker. The Lurker soon explained Joel's new nature, and his curse. Joel had takent he appearance of a foul, rotting corpse. Not only that, but his fingers had lengthened and sharpened into talons. He was an inhuman beast. A beast in body, yet his mind was clearer than it had been since before the war. Watkins agreed to serve Lurker unto the Final Death.

Currently, Watkins is Atlanta's main Nosferatu above ground contact. He does his best trying to recruit to the cause of the Nos, who are against the city's so-called "Camarilla" prince and her followers. He was the one who did most of the spy work which uncovered the princes true nature, and opposes her and all her rulings. He tries to visit all new Kindred into the city, first aiding them in getting into contact with the prince, then presenting her true nature and trying to recruit them to his side.

With the recent developments and problems caused by the one claiming to be Caine, Watkins has taken a more underground approach, making his presence known as little as possible.

Taloned Fingers - A 3 pt. merit

The kindred's fingers have warped and lengthened upon the Embrace, becoming sharpened talons of bone. It is a very horrifying sight to see (the taker of this merit loses a point of appearance), but the talons are quite powerful. In combat, the claws do (strength) damage plus 1pt of aggravated damage. (Note: App. cannot drop below zero.)

THE LURKER - Head of the Atlanta Nosferatu.

Not much is known about the Lurker. He (it?) hasn't been above ground for nearly 2 decades, and rarely interacts with even the other Nosferatu. The only person who comes into regular contact with the Lurker is Mjr. Watkins, his childe. He is described as being almost 8 feet tall, with a hunched back and wicked taloned fingers. The beast has 4 inch long fangs, and is said to feed by tearing apart his prey. Watkins describes the Lurker as a quiet man (beast? thing?) who is dedicated to restoring Atlanta to a city lead by a true camarilla member. He also alludes to a horrible temper, which has come to light very rarely, always ending in a horrible killing spree on Lurker's part. Even with such an image, the city's Nosferatu follow Lurker's words (usually passed through Watkins) closely and faithfully.

NOTE: Watkins is the only vampire in the city who knows that Lurker is a diabolist. He has diablerized his way from 11th to 7th generation, yet not even Watkins knows all of the Kindred he destroyed. Perhaps the Lurker knows the whereabouts of Carpenter, the previous prince.