Bridget Hartford

by Matthew Treboni (12 Oct 94)

Name: Bridget Hartford
Clan: Tremere
Generation: 9

Nature: Conformist
Demeanor: Director

Sire: Wilhelm Tokost
Embrace: 1968 (born 1947)
Apparent Age: 21

Physical Description: Bridget appears, at first glance, to be a young student, perhaps from a private school. She wears ankle length dresses and long sleeved blouses, both usually tan or brown. (sometimes plaid dresses). He keeps her brown hair in a tight bun, and peers out at the world through small glasses. Her manner is usually that of a gentlelady or a student.

Physical:                    Social:                       Mental:
 Strength:2                   Charisma:3                    Perception:3
 Dexterity:4                  Manipulation:2                Intelligence:4
 Stamina:2                    Appearance:4                  Wits:2
Skills:                      Talents:                      Knowledges:
 Etiquette:4                  Empathy:3                     Investigation:4
 Melee:1                      Alertness:2                   Linguistics:3
                              Dodge:2                       Occult:4
                              Leadership:1                  History:4
                                                            Kindred Lore:4
Disciplines:                 Backgrounds:                  Virtues:
 Auspex:2                     Mentor:3 (Wilhelm Tokost)     Self-Control:3
 Obsfucate:3                  Resources:4                   Conscience:5
 Thaumaturgy:3 (blood)        Generation:4                  Courage:2
 Low Self-Image
 Eat Food
 Danger Sense
 Eidetic Memory

In England, Bridget Hartford was a minor noble. Her name was recognized by most others in the nobility, yet her family was only of a very minor importance. With nobility came money, and Bridget was sent to all the finest schools. She was studying History at Oxford when she stumbled across a strange sheaf of old papers, written in a language she didn't quite recognize. Further study revealed them papers to be a very small fragement of something called the Book of Nod. When she started to publish her findings, she was approached by Wilhelm Tokost, an nice eastern gentleman. He explained to her the significance of her findings, and then offered her a chance for further research. She accepted, and has been Wilhelm's main aide ever since, as well as finding time of her own for indepenant studies, usually into the whys and hows of her new nature.

In Atlanta, Bridget is an active part of the tiny chantry. She devotes nearly all her time to research, either on her assigned project: locating the woman with the mark of the moon. He research has uncovered signs pointing to the prince's childe, but her suspicions, although strong, are not confirmed. In her free time, she also researches her nature, and the history of Kindred in general. She has yet to develop a solid theory, however, but is searching for any clues she can find. The appearance of someone calling himself Caine shocked her, and led her to consider that the legends are perhaps true after all, and that Caine was the first. She has made efforts to locate the man, but has been unable to find him after the chaos he unleashed with his bombing sprees.