Wilhelm Tokost

by Matthew Treboni (12 Oct 94)

Name: Wilhelm Tokost
Clan: Tremere
Generation: 8

Nature: Conniver
Demeanor: Traditionalist

Sire: Artur Johanssen
Embrace: 1794 (born 1751)
Apparent Age: 43

Physical Description: Wilhelm Tokost is medium sized, and apparently middle aged, with a few grey streaks in his short black hair. He has a medium frame and carries himself like an academician. He has brown eyes and an almost ever-present monacle on his right eye.

Physical:                     Social:                  Mental:
 Strength:3                    Charisma:5 (Friendly?)   Perception:4
 Dexterity:4                   Manipulation:5           Intelligence:5
 Stamina:2                     Appearance:3             Wits:5
Skills:                       Talents:                 Knowledges:
 Etiquette:5                   Acting:2                 Beaurocracy:5
 Melee:4                       Alertness:3              Occult:5
 Stealth:3                     Dodge:2                  Law:4
 Survival:4                    Leadership:5             Linguistics:4
 Firearms:1                    Intimidation:4           Politics:4
                               Subterfuge:3             Finance:2
                                                        Kindred Lore:3
                                                        Werewolf Lore:1
                                                        Magus Lore:2
Disciplines:                    Backgrounds:            Virtues:
 Auspex:5                        Generation:5            Conscience:1
 Dominate:5                      Influence:3             Self-Control:5
 Presence:3                      Resources:5             Courage:3
 Thaumaturgy:5 (blood)           Status:3
    Lure of the Flames:3         Retainers:4
    Movement of the Mind:5
    Weather Control:2

Wilhelm Tokost was an occultist long before becoming a vampire. In his homeland of Germany, Wilhelm spent his mortal life searching for answers to all questions supernatural and learned quite a bit about it, magic, werewolves and vampires especially. One night, while digging through a tower of books in a library in Austria, a Tremere took this aspiring young researcher into the fold.

Since that time, centuries ago, Wilhelm has progressed through the ranks, and helped expand his clan greatly. About 7 years ago, he was granted the position of head of the new Atlanta chantry. Graciously, Wilhelm accepted. As head of the chantry, he was free to do his own research, as long as it did not interfere with the goals of the clan. Wilhelm took up the search that so many of his clan-brothers have taken: the search for the woman with the mark of the crescent moon. Some anonymous information given to him pointed right to his own city of Atlanta. He picked up the search.

When the prince dissappeared, Wilhelm was advised not to make a bid for power, but to let the incoming Camarilla representative take over. Despite his own wishes, he did so, but is waiting for the time to make a bid to power. He knows of the true nature of the prince, and of her childe, who he believes may be the woman with the mark he has been striving to find.

With the apprearance of the one claiming to be Caine, Wilhelm took a low profile, and, thanks to that, hasn't suffered as the Nosferatu, Giovanni, and other Camarilla of the city have. He believes himself to be unnoticed by the "madman" as he calls him. Whether or not this is true, remains to be seen.

The chantry as of 1996 is very small, with only three kindred. One of these two Kindred is Wilhelm's own childe, Bridget Hartford. After siring this bright young lady, Wilhelm managed to convince Vienna that it would be most beneficial to the cause if she were to remain his aide no matter where assigned. He has no feelings for the girl himself, but she sees Wilhelm as a father figure. She is also quite a useful aide in his search for the woman with the mark, and has spoken with the prince's childe, his main suspect.