Maria Fallcrown

by Matthew Treboni (17 Oct 94)

Name: Maria Fallcrown
Clan: Lasombra
Generation: 7

Nature: Praise-Seeker
Demeanor: Optimist

Sire: unknown
Embrace: 1789 (born 1762)
Apparent Age: 27

Physical Description: Maria looks just like her sister, only younger. (They were twins, but Maria was Embraced more than ten years earlier.) Maria tends to wear brighter colors - usually bright blue dresses and flowered scarves. Maria usually looks as though she's heading to a party.

Physical:                         Social:                       Mental:
 Strength:3                        Charisma:5                    Perception:3
 Dexterity:5                       Manipulation:2                Intelligence:2
 Stamina:4                         Appearance:5                  Wits:5
Talents:                          Skills:                       Knowledges:
 Brawl:4                           Drive:4                       Sabbat Lore:4
 Dodge:5                           Firearms:3                    Occult:5
 Subterfuge:3                      Stealth:6                     Kindred Lore:4
                                   Melee:5                       Linguistics:3
Disciplines:                      Backgrounds:                  Virtues:
 Obtenebration:6                   Generation:6                  Callousness:1
 Obsfucate:5                       Status:4                      Instincts:3
 Potence:3                                                       Morale:4
 Potent Vitae (5 pt merit - see below)
 Occult Library
Willpower: 5
Path of Caine: 2

When Maria Fallcrown was taken from her sister and Embraced, her life was turned upside down. With Miranda around to run the show, Maria was only needed to help out on occasion, and, while she loved helping her sister, she preferred to have fun. After the Embrace all that changed. The Sabbat was no place to have fun, at least in Maria's eyes. She was alone and lost without Miranda, and latched on to the first stable force she could find : An Assamite named Ahmed. Ahmed tought her the basics of her new existance, and also taught her of Caine, and the importance of the search for Caine.

Miranda's embrace was an unexpected delight. Her sister was back, and took care of her once more. She could go back to the way things used to be. She laxed up and began falling from her Path.

When the trio (Miranda, Maria, and Ahmed) left for Atlanta, things turned around. The slumbering Metheuselah beneath the city was very close to Caine himself. Perhaps if they found him, they would find a lead to Caine himself. She actually took to her studies again, and that may have saved her from the beast. She still likes having fun however, and helping Miranda will always come before the search for Caine.

In Atlanta, Maria serves as Miranda's main assistant and rarely leaves her side.

POTENT VITAE - 5 pt. Merit

A vampire with this merit has a severe advantage over other Kindred - only two droughts of her blood are necessary for a Blood Bond to take hold. The bond, once formed, is no different than a normal bond, and is no easier/harder to break than a normal bond.

Miranda takes advantage of her sister's potent blood by letting her do all the blood-transactions within the city. Whenever possible, Miranda will secure a deal with another Kindred, and the only price being a drink of Maria's blood. Many kindred have fallen into the twins' trap, and those bonds help secure their position in the city. (NOTE: Maria is bonded to her sister, and Miranda will not drink of Maria's blood - or anyone else's, really)