by Matthew Treboni (17 Oct 94)

Name: Ahmed
Clan: Assamite Antitribu

Nature: Judge
Demeanor: Cavalier

Sire: unknown
Embrace: 1750 (born 1728)
Apparent Age: 22

Physical Description: The most noticable thing about Ahmed is the darkness of his skin, which is almost totally black. His eyes are dark, and his hair, with is about mid-back length, is black as well (and usually in a ponytail.) Ahmed dresses in normal clothing styles, although he usually wears a trenchcoat over his normal attire.

Physical:                         Social:                       Mental:
 Strength:5                        Charisma:3                    Perception:2
 Dexterity:5                       Manipulation:2                Intelligence:2
 Stamina:4                         Appearance:2                  Wits:3
Talents:                          Skills:                       Knowledges:
 Subterfuge:4                      Melee:5                       Occult:5
 Brawl:5                           Firearms:3                    Sabbat Lore:3
 Dodge:5                           Stealth:4                     Black Hand
 Intimidation:5                    Security:3                       Lore:5
Disciplines:                      Backgrounds:                  Virtues:
 Quietus:5                         Generation:5                  Callousness:3
 Celerity:5                        Status:2                      Instincts:4
 Fortitude:2                       Contacts: 1                   Morale:5
Willpower: 8
Path of Caine: 7

Ahmed was in training at the Assamite's hidden monastary since the age of 13. His everyday life consisted of practice, meditation, and dedication. He was also taught of his future clan, and the curse that had been placed on it. He didn't like the sounds of the curse, and when he heard tales of a separate group of Assamites free from the curse, decided to search them out.

His search would have ended before he left the monastery if not for the aid of a ancient Brujah named Verro who came to his aid in Istanbul. Ahmed was cornered by 3 Assamite hunters, and they were about to strike when Verro revealed himself and chased away the assassins. Verro took Ahmed to the New World, and it didn't take long before he had dug up an Assamite from the Sabbat to Embrace Ahmed. Ahmed remained in the Sabbat for years, serving his sect, yet also doing Verro's bidding when necessary. When Verro put him in contact with a young vampire named Maria, Ahmed gladly showed her down the path of Caine. He rose high in the Black Hand, and was possibly about to attain Seraph status when Verro surfaced, and demanded that he accompany Maria and her twin Miranda, who was also a Sabbat member, to Atlanta. Owing his life and unlife to Verro, Ahmed complied.

In Atlanta, Ahmed serves as Miranda's enforcer and bodyguard. He also tries to make first contact with any new Kindred in the area. By serving as Miranda's liason, he attempts to either convice or scare new Kindred into presenting themselves and swearing loyalty to Miranda.

Ahmed knows about the sleeping Methuselah, too, he doesn't know of the location, either. Were he to find out, it is possible he may even leave Miranda's service to hunt him, with intent to find his sire's location, and then kill them both. Ahmed takes the existance of Caine very seriously. He knows most of the Book of Nod by heart, and has read a fairly complete copy before.

When the Kindred calling himself Caine appeared, Ahmed was shocked. Could this be THE Caine? He had his doubts, but, nevertheless, made attempts to contact him. When Ahmed's haven was destroyed in Caine's bombing spree, however, Ahmed was almost killed himself. Unable to comprehend Caine attempting to destroy a devoted follower such as himself, Ahmed came to the conclusion that this man was not Caine, but just another madman. Miranda's stance on Caine is the same, and Ahmed now works to locate and destroy the "pretender".