Genealogy classification rationale

You can find (in the sourcebooks) many definitions of what is a clan or a bloodline. I choose to adopt a genealogical point of view : all Vampires are considered to have a unique sire (if a vampire is sired from a mix of blood, one of the blood will be supposed to have precedence). Then, all vampires could trace their lineage up to one of the (alleged) 13 great-progeny of Caine : the "original" antediluvians.

I consider that a bloodline exists when there exist one (or more) vampire(s) from a clan, the bloodline founders, such that all their progeny is member of the bloodline and such that all members of the bloodline are their progeny. Additionnally, there should be a way to distinguish them from the clan and the other clans and bloodlines (weakness, discipline), and the foundation of the bloodline is linked to a specific event.