About Caine and his progeny, about the Antediluvians

The First One

His names

Usually named Caine, the Assamites name him Khayyin, some Malkavians name him Utanapishtim [CbR-M].

The Second Generation

The basic legend

Caine is said to have three progeny, two male and a female, named Enoch (or Ynosh) the Wise, Irad the Strong and Zillah the Beautiful, and these three progeny created the Antediluvians (the 3rd generation). The three first generations lived together in the so called first city. But the truth may be much more complicated and some other children of Caine are heard of...

Other progeny

According to The Book of Nod, there was a fourth child of Caine : The Crone Lillith might be the Crone, or another 1st generation vampire like Caine.
According to the Erycies Fragments, there were six of the Second Generation.
According to Clanbook: Assamite, the Khe-duk and Liada, King and Queen of Nod (En'esh) were killed by Haqim, the Assamite Antediluvian who embraced himself with their blood.
Clanbook: Toreador Revised suggests that there was a "1st Generation" of two lovers Caine sired. When they realized that they could not birth children, they walked out into the sun. Caine forbade their names from being spoken, and when the Nosferatu Antedluvian mentioned these names and called Caine the "great fool", he was thus cursed...
According to Clanbook: Baali, Caine had five progeny.
According to Clanbook: Ventrue Revised, p12, Caine had six progeny.
According to the new Storyteller's Handbook the Ravnos are descended from a progeny of Caine named Dracian, which is called Ravnos by his clan. This is discarded in Clanbook Ravnos Revised.
Typhon, the sire of Osiris, may also be a child of Caine, but is more probably an Antediluvian (Lasombra?)

Various views

3 views on the lineage descended from Caine.

The Third Generation

The basic legend

There were 13 Antediluvians, who are the founders of all 13 clans. Some of them have been diablerized (Brujah, Cappadocius, Saulot) and that brought new clans. There are also some bloodlines not founded by a 3rd generation vampire.

Who are the 13 antediluvians ?

We find in [BoN,p53] a one word description characterizing the 13 original clans: Kingship (Ventrue), Beast (Gangrel), Moon (Malkav), Rose (Toreador), Night (Lasombra), Snake (Set), Death (Cappodocians), Healers (Salubri), Learned (Brujah), Wanderer (Ravnos), Hunt (Nosferatu), Hidden (Assamites) and Shapers (Tzimisce).
Brujah has been diablerized by Troile, Cappadocius by Augustus Giovanni and Saulot by Tremere.

[VtM2,p52] says that Lucian (Lasombra or Cappadocius) and Mekhet (Tzimisce or Malkav) are widely known Antediluvians. [CbR-Tz] says that Mekhet, childe of Ynosh, played "shadow games with mortals" (could this be Lasombra?).

[CbR-To] and [CbR-V] suggests that Arikel was not the toreador progenitor, and that she was killed by the Nosferatu and Setite Antediluvians, who cut out and ate her heart. The Toreador ancestor is then Ishtar/Astarte/Inanna, a bull-figher, that fought with the Gangrel Antediluvian and took shelter with King Minos, siring his son, who fell to the beast and became the Minotaur of mythology.

Namrael the Enochian is described in [MC]. She may be a progeny of Irad.

The Lhiannan bloodline [DAC] claims descendence from the Crone. If true, and if the Crone was embraced by Caine, then there would have to be a 3rd in their bloodline. The Crone is also rumored to be the "third" Baali Progenitor [Cb-Ba], this would make her 4th, which would explain how she could bloodbond Caine without being a mage.

According to the Erycies Fragments, Enoch, Zillah, Jabal, Adah, Tubal, and Mehujael are names of some of Caine's children and grand-children.

When were they embraced ?

Since Japheth is said to have been embraced by Cappadocius around 7225BC and since the first human city may be Jericho around 6000BC to 9000BC, we could say that the Antediluvians were embraced around this day. This correspond to [ToTB] saying that the Ravnos Antediluvian and all true Antediluvians are 10000 years old.
Another guess is that the First City was built by Caine around 10000BC (which correspond to the time of the first agricultural villages, before the Great Flood and the start of the Impergium [WtA], and that the Second City was built by the Antediluvians around 8300BC. The end of the Impergium in 7000BC and the fall of the Second City around 6000BC.
[NoP] tells us that the Nictuku Vasilisa has twice the age of Baba Yaga, who is 7000 years old. That would make Absimiliard embraced before 12000BC. This is unprobable, we should consider that Vasilisa was embraced around 8000BC.
Set/Sutekh has probably been embraced in Egypt, between 4000BC and 3000BC. But all of Caine progeny are supposed to be dead at this time, so Set may have diablerised, or he is older than that.

Who sired each of them ?

Based on their clan disciplines, we could have
sired Arikel (and Ishtar), Malkav and Saulot. All of Enoch's childer have Auspex. They are of the SEER lineage.
sired Absimilliard and probably Haqim and Set. All of Zillah's childer have Obfuscate. They are of the HUNTER lineage.
probably sired Brujah, Cappadocius, Lasombra and Ventrue. They are of the PHILOSOPHER-KING lineage.
sired Ennoia, Ravnos, and probably Tzimisce. All of Lillith's childer have Animalism. They are of the SHIFTER lineage.
but the clan legends disagree with this:
  1. Haqim
    Haqim embraced himself with the blood of the King and Queen of Nod.
  2. Brujah
    Childe of Ynosh [CbR-Tz]
  3. Ashur
  4. Ennoia
    Childe of Irad [CbR-R]
  5. Lasombra
  6. Malkav
    Childe of Enoch, second oldest Ante, twin to Arikel [Cb-M]
    Saulot and Set are his brothers [CbR-M]
  7. Absimilliard
    Progeny of Caine's daughter (Irad or Zillah).
  8. Ravnos
    Childe of Irad [CbR-R]
  9. Saulot
    First childe of Enoch, the oldest 2nd gen, but Arikel was the first Ante.
    Malkav and Set are his brothers [CbR-M]
  10. Set
    Malkav and Saulot are his brothers [CbR-M]
  11. Arikel
    Oldest Ante, twin to Malkav [Cb-M]
  12. Tzimisce
    Childe of Ynosh [CbR-Tz]
  13. Ventrue
    Childe of Enoch and oldest Ante [Cb-V]

The Baali bloodline is said to have been founded by three Antediluvians, but it should be by three Methuselahs.

Where were they around 2800 BC ?

Based on many guesses we could have

What happened to them ?

According to the Red Death trilogy, Saulot, Brujah, and Ashur/Cappadocius were slain because of the machinations of their Childer : St. Germain (The Red Death/The Seeker), Anis (The Queen of Night), and Lamech/Lameth (The Dark Messiah), respectively.

People from the vampire mailing list (Fab Moicano and Andreaz Forsgren) propose this information about what the antediluvians are doing right now :

Who are the four Aralu, guarded by the True Hand ?

Three are named Nergal, Ninmug, and Loz. The fourth is unknown.
One hypothesis is that they are Toreador, Ventrue, and Nosferatu antediluvian, and maybe Malkav or Caine himself.
Another hypothesis is that they are Caine and his three progeny, Irad the Strong, Enoch the Wise, and Zillah the Beautiful.
A third hypothesis is that they are Cappadocius, Saulot and Brujah, the three diablerised antediluvians.
But since Enoch was recently destroyed by Wraiths and they couldn't prevent it, the Aralu might only be Methuselahs.

Who sired the Ravnos and the Gangrels ?

Nick Winwood-Smith made this analysis, based on his own interpretations of the different stories in the respective Clanbooks, and what is in WoD Gypsies. This is non canon, and not compatible with Clanbook Ravnos Revised, but the role of Dracian is still not clear in WW canon...

Firstly, I believe that Ravnos, as referred to in CbR, is Dracian, of the second generation. It says in CbR that Ravnos was embraced by Caine (Kaen) himself, and that he then embraced Ennoia, who is 3rd gen. Ennoia is Deanna, the mother of all gypsies (from WoD Gypsies). Given that vampires live forever and gypsies are only mortal, the stories are going to diverge a bit over time. Sarrath must have been her son, not her brother (as in WoD Gypsies), because Ennoia was the mother of the Garou as well as the gypsies (CbG). And Ravnos' uncle was a Silent Strider (Children of Sarrath) who founded the Lupinos gypsy family, and as gypsies they were all descended from Ennoia/Deanna.
According to CbG, Ennoia had a vampire lover who embraced her. According to CbR that was Ravnos. According to WoD Gypsies, it was Dracian who was her lover, but he never embraced her. Now two versions against one says he actually did embrace her, and the gypsies just don't acknowledge or remember that. Although the gypsies do acknowledge Deanna lived well beyond the normal human lifespan. Ok, so now I think we've establishd that Ennoia is Deanna.
Now, onto Ravnos/Dracian. The new Storyteller's Handbook says the Ravnos are descended from Dracian. Now Dracian was Second Generation, that much is pretty certain. The boy "Ravnos" referred to in WoD Gypsies must have been one of Dracian's 3rd generation childer (another being Ennoia/Deanna, and it is unknown whether there were others, but CbR says that Ravnos (Dracian in this case) sired many times, so there may be a number of Ravnos antediluvians, but that's another debate entirely). So Ravnos from CbR is Dracian from WoD Gypsies, and "Ravnos" from WoD Gypsies is probably Ravana who was destroyed in Bangladesh, or possibly another 3rd generation Ravnos, if there are any others who have survived this long, or if there were any others at all.
Also, according to the Erycies Fragments, there were 6 of the Second Generation (the other 3, to my best guess, being Ravnos/Dracian, and the King and Queen of Nod, whom Haqim killed, and with whose blood he embraced himself). Also, in the prophesy of Ravana's death, it refers to the Wanderer, third Childe of Caine, whose descendants destroyed themselves in madness.
So, to conclude, Ravnos was Dracian, of the 2nd generation, he embraced his lover, Ennoia, aka Deanna, mother of the Garou and the gypsies. He also embraced Ravana, and possibly others. Ennoia was of the Ravnos Clan until Caine cast her out for orchestrating Ravnos/Dracian's (although according to WoD Gypsies she was not involved) death at the hands of the rest of the third generation, who ruled the Second City. She then founded Clan Gangrel.

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