Hibakusha - Ju

by Jenny L. Parr (18 May 94)

The Ju are generally regarded to have inherited the cunning, treachery, manipulation and total untrustworthiness of their parent clan - the Tremere. The most recent of the Hibakusha clans, the Ju were first noted around the 15th century as the dreaded blood clan wished to examine the new western clan that had seemingly appeared out of thin air. Nothing that was already known about Thaurmaturgical paths was discovered but the Tremere captured (and subsequently diabolised) was working on rituals involving mirrors and their effects on obfuscation. The new Ju clan carried on this research and thus the discipline of Wu Wei was born. As the Ju can prove that Wu Wei was their creation they hold its secrets very tightly and refuse to teach it to any outsiders.

The history of the Ju has been filled with treachery and betrayal of other clans as several have found to their cost. The major black mark on the history of the Ju is the war with clan Mora, a Hibakusha clan, mainly of Siberia, whose parent clan was the Malkavian Antitribu clan of the Sabbat: All of clan Mora were highly precognative. In moments of stress they would fall into a trance where they would see part of the future. Always a small clan, the Mora kept themselves away from the war with the West until their founder had a vision which revealed that the coming Gehenna would be caused by the Ju. As could be expected, the Ju were not too pleased with the proclamation that they would be responsible for the Last Battle and started a full scale war on the members of clan Mora, determined to wipe them out. As expected from a clan that could see into the future, the Mora had prepared for this great war but they knew that they would loose. Instead they concentrated on crippling the Ju so that the other clans would be strong enough to defeat them before all was lost. They performed the most powerful ritual for 3000 years as they sought to stop the Ju from increasing their ranks with childer or ghouls. The ritual was only just complete when the Ju broke through the Siberian defenses and slaughtered the Mora gathered there. But it was a bitter victory.




Nickname: Sorcerers

Origins: China

Appearance: Oriental. Most shave the tops of their heads as a sign of their power (this reduces their appearance by one).Most sport old Chinese plaited hair and moustaches as they were mostly sired during the 19th century.

Haven: Many Ju have places in the ruling party of China (they saw that Communism was coming very early) and most live in the basement of party headquarters in the major towns.

Clan Disciplines: Dominate, Thaumaturgy, Wu-wei

Weaknesses: The Ju are unable to create progeny or ghouls due to a curse set upon them by the now extinct Clan Mora (a Russian clan). They also cast no reflection in mirrors although they do appear on film. This may be a sign that they are in some way related to the Lasombra clan of the Sabbat although they do not get on well with the Hibakusha clan derived from them - the Kyuketsuki.

Backgrounds: The Ju were usually occultists before their embrace. None have been embraced since 1892. Mental attributes and knowledges are primary but at least three dots are needed in occult.


[1] Meditation: By spending a turn concentrating and then spending a blood point, two health levels are healed instead of one. Also by spending three blood points and a willpower point an aggravated wound may be healed..

[2] Nature Bond: If the vampire remains still he is ignored by all animals. This requires a stealth + stamina roll vs 5 every turn to remain still. This does not affect ghoul or vampiric animals. Nor does it affect Lupine kinfolk (all wolves).

[3] Void Bond: If the vampire remains still he is ignored by all humans. This requires a stealth + stamina roll vs 6 every turn to remain perfectly still. This does not affect ghouls, vampires, Lupines or Lupine kinfolk.

[4] Thought of Anger: By spending a willpower point and rolling a resisted Manipulation + Intimidation vs opponent's willpower, any vampires will fly into a self-control frenzy and any lupines will rage. This affected party will attack the nearest moving object living or otherwise.

[5] Mirrorlands: The vampire can bless a mirror by spending 48 hours, five blood points and three willpower points. Thereafter the vampire can see (but not hear) what is going on in the mirror. Only a number of mirrors up to the vampire's willpower can be linked to the vampire at one time.