Hibakusha - Kyuketsuki

by Jenny L. Parr (6 Jun 94)

If any clan could unite the Hibakusha against the Western threat it would be a safe bet that it would be the Kyuketsuki. Their founder was one of the eldest Hibakusha, probably fourth generation although many Hibakusha claim that she was, in fact, the third generation founder of the Hibakusha. This claim has brought them into conflict with other Hibakusha clans and the Hibakusha bloodline itself. According to legend the founder of the Kyuketsuki, Ameritsu, was so beautiful that daemons and shinma were drawn to her, forever following her causing misfortune and sadness for all who she encountered. Not wishing to do people harm Ameritsu fled into the caves of a nearby mountain. Inside the mountain she came across a shining warrior dressed in the armour of those over the sea of storms. The shining warrior defeated the shinma that followed her and invited her to share the warmth of his fire. Ameritsu asked the shining warrior why he was so far from home. "I am mourning for my brothers for they have forsaken the path of the faithful. Only the people of blood are left to ensure the laws of my father are kept. <There is some quarrel over whether the 'People of Blood' are the Shreh Ren or the Hibakusha. The Shreh Ren themselves think it was their founder>.

Ameritsu's beauty lit up the caves like the rays of the sun that the warrior had so desperately wished to see again and he made her his childe to preserve her beauty forever.

When the shining warrior (his name was never given) left the beautiful lands, Ameritsu would not leave the lands of her birth. Instead she hunted down shinma that had escaped from the Deep Umbra and had once mad her life so miserable. She also encounted creatures that the Kitsune named '-of the Wyrm' and which the people from across the seas named daemons. Enraged when the Kitsune told her that the daemons were trying to destroy the beautiful lands, Ameritsu vowed that neither she nor her descendants would rest until their country was free of infernal influences. The first infernal tainted Kindred Ameritsu encountered was a fourth generation Lasombra who had travelled East in the hope of making contact with the shinma. Ameritsu took his life and his soul in one fell swoop and so the Kyuketsuki were born.

In the past the Kyuketsuki were mainly concerned with chasing daemons and shinma from their homeland of Japan as well as killing those Kindred and Kine tainted by the infernal. Now, however, they have discovered several new threats in the form of the Western Sabbat, many of whom follow the path of Evil Revalations, and the Black Spiral Dancers who are attempting to create a hive under Tokyo. To combat this the Kyuketsuki were trying to enforce a racial policy so that no westerners are welcome in Japan but this fell apart when the Kasa controlled army lost WWII. Thanks to the American occupation force there is now a sizable number of Gaijin (the Kyuketsuki always use the vulgar term) in the country and the Kyuketsuki are not happy about this. They are the most vocal clan in calling for all-out war on the Camarilla and especially the Sabbat but so far only the Kuei and the Hantu are ready to back them.




Nickname: Entrancers

Origins: Japan

Appearance: All Kyuketsuki are female and oriental. Most are Japanese.

Clan Disciplines: Chimerstry, Obtenebration, Thaumaturgy

Haven: Kyuketsuki go from place to place in search of Shinma. They have no set havens.

Weakness: All those the Kyuketsuki feed from become listless and dreamy. They are unable to see reality and try to seek out the Kiss again.

Backgrounds: The Kyuketsuki are fanatical about their task and pick any who are able to help them.

Character Creation: Social and Talents are primary. Common natures are perfectionist and caregiver. Common backgrounds are retainers and supernatural.


This is the primary thaumaturgical path for all Kyuketsuki.

[1] Hanko-ki: Allows the Kyuketsuki to talk to any other Kyuketsuki with this power. A roll of Wits + Subterfuge vs 6 (successes x 10 miles = max range) and Manipulation + Empathy vs 7 is the No. of words that can be exchanged.

[2] Shima-ki: Allows her to levitate a few feet in the air to escape the clutches of Shinma. A roll of Dexterity + Occult vs 6 is needed. The No. of successes x 3 is the number of feet that she levitates. A Stamina + Athletics roll vs 6 is also needed - the number of successes giving duration in turns. She can move at 1/4 speed.

[3] Ashioto-ki: Allows the Kyuketsuki to attract supernatural beings to herself. On a resisted roll of Charisma + Singing vs Willpower of victim, all supernatural creatures (incl. vamps and wolfies) within hearing distance must go to her.

[4] Nageire-ki: The Kyuketsuki may step into the umbra as a last resort to save herself. She needs to roll Charisma + Occult vs 9 to enter and expend a willpower point every turn she remains there.

[5] Dai-kichi-ki: THe Kyuketsuki or someone she touches is rendered immune to Daemonic, Shinma, Wyrm or Soulless influence ie: dark thaumaturgy etc. A roll of Manipulation + Occult vs 8 and the expendature of a willpower point is needed. The effects last for 1 hour per success.


This is the usual secondary path for Kyuketsuki.

[1] Jinron Shinmas: This allows the sensing of any supernatural beings in the area with a Perception + Occult roll. The more successes the more information.

[2] Bijin-e-ki: This allows the entrancing of supernatural beings with singing On a resisted roll of Singing + Manipulation vs willpower of target, they are unable to do anything for a No. of turns equal to No. of successes.

[3] Shikei: By expending blood points the damage done by a weapon becomes aggravated to supernatural beings. The effect lasts for 1 turn per blood point.

[4] Ikiru: On a roll of Perception + Occult vs 7 and the expendature of 3 blood points you are able to fool any supernatural beings that you are not a vampire but human. Even their powers do not detect you. The effects last for success No. of turns.

[5] Hotondo Shinma: On a Perception + Occult vs 8 and the expendature of 3 blood points and a willpower point, you are able to fool any supernatural beings into thinking you are one of their kind even fooling their powers. The effects last success No. of turns.