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For most of this stuff I didn't ask permission the the authors. If someone feels offended by this distribution of his or her work, just tell me before doing anything else.
Note also that much of this is White Wolf or uses material copyrighted by White Wolf, in particular the concept of Vampire: The Masquerade and of the World of Darkness. Since I did this server to promote their work and to help their fans, I hope they agree with it.

Suggestions and contributions are welcome. In fact, any form of feedback is greatly encouraged. (I wrote a FAQ about this server. You should probably read it before asking your questions.)

If you want me to add something to this archive, just send me an e-mail containing your contribution. If it is HTML, I'll add it directly to the archive. If it is normal text, I'll try to translate it to HTML before adding it to the archive, unless you specifically ask me to keep it in text format. It may take time, I have real work to do...

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