FAQ about this archive

Seeing all the e-mails I received about this archive, I felt the urge to write here the answers to the most frequently asked questions...

How can I participate to this game? Is this an interactive server, is this a pbem? What is the story? How can I buy these things?

This server is about a role playing game, Vampire: The Masquerade. This game is published and copyrighted by White Wolf. If you want to play this game, just look in your local gaming store. You should buy it, really.

If you don't know what is a "role playing game", you may look at this answer.

If you are interested to know some basic about the World of Darkness, have a look at the Vampire: The Masquerade FAQ.

My server contains various contributions from many people on the net. I didn't write all this stuff and the ideas are not mine. I never worked for White Wolf and I do not sell their products.

How can I join the authors of those wonderful works ?

You may look at the contributor hall of fame. It contains e-mail addresses and other links. I try to keep this info up to date, but such data may change. If you have more info than I do, just tell me.

Part of this stuff needs work. The spelling is bad.

I know, but I don't have enough time to check all this stuff. I already corrected many typos, but I'd like to have some help.

Why don't you include stuff about Mage, Werewolf and the other games in the World of Darkness? Why don't you speak of the LARP games?

There are also many other games in the same World of Darkness, and you can play a LARP version of this role playing game, named Masquerade.

This server takes me much time to update. I prefer to let other people building servers about the other topics. The WWW allows us to have links between different places, it's a good idea to distribute the data between different maintainers.

There are other servers about the other games. If you are interested in LARP, I'd suggest you to look at the Camarilla web pages.

Do you know how I can join the Camarilla fan association?

The Camarilla fan association is focused on LARP Vampire. The Camarilla mailing list is at camarilla-l@oracle.wizards.com and you can write them at camstuff@regency.wizards.com. There is also a Web site.

How can I get all this stuff in only one file?

You can get a big archive file containing all the texts from here. It is a very big file (2.6 Mo) so don't get it if you don't need to. This file was last updated Tue, 30 Nov 1996.

It is an unix tar.gz file. It means that you have to download it to your disk, to uncompress it with the GNU gzip utility (the uncompressed file needs 8 Mo free on your disk) and then to extract all the subfiles with a standard unix program named tar. If you are on a Mac or a DOS machine, recent versions of Winzip or Stuffit know how to uncompress this file.

Are there rules for submitting contributions to this server?

Just send me a message containing your contribution. I'll look at it and I will certainly add it to my server. However, it may take time since I have some other work to do. I may ask you questions about your contributions, so it is a good idea to include an e-mail address. I prefer HTML files, but I can also work with text files.