HTTP Resources
Sorted by server

This a list of HTTP servers for Vampire: the Masquerade and some associated role-playing games. I also include servers with data about vampires in general.

Servers in America

  1. Utopia Brujah by Gabriel "Santiago".
  2. Search - Vampire The Masquerade by AOL-Netscape.
  3. Vampire: The Masquerade soundtrack by Dancing Ferret Discs.
  4. Web of Darkness by Ben Buckner.   A list of links to WoD stuff
  5. Ravnos WebSite by Kazul Del Tri.
  6. JMR associates by Leigh Anne Reger.   New Jersey
  7. The Hall of Sorrow by Menohl.   Much technical information on how to make a character in VtM rules.
  8. Le Salon de la Rose by Trystan L. Bass.   Toreador
  9. Domain of Judus Nichodemus Terpesa by Z. Johnson.   Tzimisce
  10. Sanguis Inimicus by Brian D. Albee.
  11. The Tremere Virtual Chantry by Lance W. Larsen.   near empty
  12. The Manus Nigrum by Palika Goldstein.
  13. BloodShadows by Saul Resnikoff, Carol Arko and Bruce Neely.
  14. Necropolis: Into Oblivion by Spencer Aloysius.   many links
  15. B.J. Zanzibar's World of Darkness by A. Dashiell.   A very complete archive of contributions to the rules. There is no fiction and no campaign information.
  16. The Dark Rising by Michael O. Holland.   a chronicle
  17. Gangrel Clan of Necropolis by Morgan Powyll.
  18. thE mAlKavIan wEb paGe by Alik.
  19. White Wolf Stuff From the Net by Hoyle.   Much data, but not recent.
  20. House of the Dark Twins by Jennifer Webster.   Chapter of the Camarilla, based in Vermont and New Hampshire.
  21. Clan Brujah by Carlo S. Settineri Jr..
  22. Danse Macabre MUSH by Danse Macabre.   Medieval France
  23. Great Minds Project by Gambit.   Collection of characters
  24. Masq net by Glenn White.   information on all clans
  25. The Camarilla Website by Camarilla.
  26. Ravenscar Nights Fluff Archives by tdark.   The online archive for the Ravenscar Nights mailing list
  27. Highlander rules by Hank Driskill and John Gavigan.
  28. Woodelf's writings by woodelf.
  29. A Hunger for Vengeance... by Otter.   Assamite, many interesting contributions
  30. Wraith: The Oblivion by Anders.
  31. Dark Doors by Cyn Surreal.
  32. Charlotte by Night by Dominick.
  33. Java's Crypt: The Source for Fine Jewelry by Georgia Panaritis.
  34. Familia Giovanni by Giovanni.
  35. World of Darkness: Paris AD 1498 by Hanna Clay.
  36. Gothic Society by John Toth.
  37. Kiasyd page by Marius.   near empty
  38. Patman's WoD site by Patman.
  39. WoD General by Robert Goodfellow "Capt'n Quaalude".
  40. Online RPG by Robert Lopez.
  41. General WoD by Robin Connor "Butterfly".
  42. Phantasm: The Tall Man by Tall Man.
  43. Talamasca Motherhouse by WBS.
  44. Clan Gangrel by Wendy Hardy.
  45. The Book of Thaumaturgy by Darrell Benvenuto.

Servers in Australia and Pacific

  1. Vampire by Stuart Wildson.
  2. World of Darkness stuff by Cameron Blackwood.
  3. World of Darkness Archive by Damien Moore.
  4. Nexus: The Dark City by Mortekai.

Servers in Europe and Mediterranea

  1. Wien bei Nacht by Thomas Hassan.
  2. Games Information by Phillip Dutré.
  3. WWWBoard, Vampire chat by Feder-und-Schwert.   in German
  4. A list of RPG resources on the Net by rossi.
  5. Sabbat by Dexter Makela.
  6. Casus Belli by Arkana Press.   The first French roleplaying magazine (in french)
  7. DC by night by Germain Huc.   in french
  8. Vampire by Louis Granboulan.
  9. Vampire: The Masquerade by Alex Vaizner.   description of the LARP rules
  10. Vampiri by Mauro Monti.   in italian or english
  11. Roma by Night by Nemus.
  12. Mage by Anders Sandberg.
  13. Malkavian by Howard Hardiman.
  14. Ventrue Home Page by Joanna Hart.
  15. Vampire Wars by Joker.
  16. World of Vampire by Richard Blackburn.
  17. Gotham by Knight by Simon James Rafe.

Servers in Geocities, AOL and other virtual worlds

  1. Masquerade by Sam.
  2. Brasnet #Vampire Homepage by MDethGirl.   in portuguese
  3. Order of Draco - Virtual Chapter House by Robert How.   Tremere, many interesting contributions
  4. FadingHope by FadingHope.
  5. Clan Giovanni Homepage by Lost Goth.
  6. Clan Ravnos HomePage by Melissa Wacher.
  7. Chapel of Vampires by Mic.
  8. Palm Hills by Bill Pinola.   a StoryTeller setting for an online game called Midsummer Nights
  9. Zippy: The Ignorance by Christie.
  10. UnOfficial Giovanni WebPage by Donnivan.
  11. Jared Draagon's page by Jared Draagon.
  12. The Vorador Chronicle by Jon.   a chronicle
  13. Cenaculum by Lugoj.   in French
  14. The Hunter's Haven by Michael Dziesinski.   mortals, hunters or allies
  15. Oporto By Night by Paulo Correia.
  16. Robin's character index by Robin.
  17. The Malkavian Embassy by Visitant.
  18. Cities by Night by John Paul La'Fontain and Kathleen Casavant.
  19. Children of the Wyld by Mezroc Sedi.   Gangrel