by Deird'Re Brooks (1 Oct 93)

This Form allows the Kindred to travel much more quickly and efficiently than normal. Note that in no case does this Path allow for extra actions.

[1] Use allows double normal speed, costs one Blood Point.

[2] At this level can perform a quick 'sidestep', thus allowing dodges to be performed as if heavy cover were nearby. The sidestep will take the user no more than 6 feet from original location. Also costs 1 Blood Point.

[3] Can teleport short (100 yards) distances. Costs 2 Blood Points.

[4] Can move at 10 times normal speed. Costs 2 Blood Points.

[5] Teleportation will allow travel to any spot on the planet, provided a Wits + Survival roll is made. The target number depends on how well the intended location is known.

Same city    3       0
Country      4      +1
Continent    5      +2
Worldwide   10      +3
	     6    One's own Haven.
	     7    Visited three or more times.
	     8    Visited once.
	     9    Described in Detail.
	     10   Never been there, but have a