Path of Transformation

by Deird'Re Brooks (1 Oct 93)

This Path allows the Kindred to manipulate her own or another's appearance.

NB: Vicissitude didn't exist at that time...

[1] At this level, the Caster can permanently alter skin and hair color with the expenditure of a point of Willpower.

[2] Facial features, hair length and style can be altered at this level at the price of 1 Willpower. Hair can be depilated or baldness cured at this level.

[3] Skin texture can be altered. Scars, skin diseases, and other similar problems can be added or removed. Requires Wits + Medicine roll. Can also permanently raise or lower Appearance.

[4] Can alter internal organs as well. This allows for full sex change or curing of diseases, cancers, etc. Or they can be induced. Flesh wounds can be healed. (Wits wound levels healed.) Internal bleeding can be stopped. (Or started). Fat can be removed from the subject as well.

[5] Bone alteration. Can heal or cause problems with the bones. Severed or broken spinal cord can be repaired, bone diseases can be healed. This also allows a complete body change - Height, build, etc. Bones can also be twisted out of shape, into pretzels perhaps.