Kiss of Sunlight

by Deird'Re Brooks (1 Oct 93)

With sunlight being the bane of most Kindred's existence, it was only a matter of time before someone designed a Form to take advantage of the situation. Roll Wits + Survival to use this Path.

[1] The Kindred can illuminate a 30 ft diameter circle with moonlight. Treat the light as the full moon.

[2] The Kindred can reduce the potency of sunlight around herself. Number of successes can be used to determine reduction in T# or number of hours the protection lasts.

[3] This level gives the Kindred the ability to create a flash of sunlight around one person. It lasts long enough to affect him, but does not affect anyone else. The number of successes + 3 determines the Difficulty for Soak purposes, or the number of wounds caused, divided between the two as the caster desires. Damage is _not_ aggravated.

[4] The ability to reduce or intensify sunlight around another being. If used to intensify, add the successes to the Difficulty. This can be used immediately before using level 2.

[5] Now the Thaumaturgist can create an area of full sunlight, 30 feet across. Treat the difficulty as for level 3.