Body Bag of Holding

by Cameron Blackwood (22 Jun 93)

Time required
10 minutes
2 blood points from a Kindred with Vicissitude or Protean discipline, plus 1 to 10 blood points from the caster.
Allows the Thaumaturgist to meld objects into their own body for storage. The object are absorbed into the users form, actually absorbed.

The ritual allows a person to carry an object no bigger than the body part in which the object is stored. E.g. if the caster is intending to store a dagger in their arm, it can be no wider than their arm.

To place the object requires 2 blood points from a Kindred with Vicissitude or Protean discipline. The object is soaked in a point of the casters blood (may be require more for larger objects, see below) for a night. The object is then placed over the location it is to be absorbed into. The 2 points of Vicissitude blood are then poured over the object, as a chant is performed. After 10 minutes, the object sinks into the users flesh.

The number of blood points the object must be soaked in is up to the storyteller, but a guide is use the ratio of the casters body (in 1/10ths) as a guide. E.g. if an object takes up 1/2 the users body, require 10 * 1/2 or 5 blood points to soak the object in. Blood used to soak is wasted. A Thaumaturgist may not store more than 10 'blood points of objects' in their body.

The object may be called out at anytime, but if the object is sharp, or contains protrusions likely to cause harm, the caster takes 1 level of damage (may be soaked with raw fortitude only). Objects called out of the body are soaked with blood unless wrapped, e.g. paper is soaked in blood, bullets have their powder soaked, batteries are shorted. If the area of the body where the object is stored is damaged, the object will be damaged if withdrawn, unless the damage is first healed.

If the item is capable of being thrown, e.g. a throwing knife, and the caster has movement of the mind, with a roll of:
Dice pool: as normal, Dex + Melee
Difficulty: as normal, varies
Damage: Movement of the Mind rating (rather than strength+n) and forgoing the soak, the caster may launch the weapon at a target within 5 feet.