Flaw: Errant Shadow

by Timothy Toner

Somebody asked, and I took up the challenge. Dinner calls, so this will be simple.

Supernatural Flaw: Errant Shadow (-1)

There are those Kindred whose connectedness to the Shadow is strong, yet their will prevents their utter seduction unto the night. To them, however, those who dwell in darkness read his innermost thoughts, and compell his shadow (that which flees from the Light) to enact his basest desires.

Put simply, his shadow is the reflection of the Beast within. It closely follows the body most of the time, and 3 successes on perception+ auspex is needed to notice the variance (this can be done unskilled). However, when a moment of crisis arrives (has to make a humanity or frenzy check) the beast within is activated, and performs the deed in question. Stillo, this strange occurence is very hard to believe, and most laugh it off as a delusion. When at a moment of crisis, the shadow can be seen with one success on a per+3 roll (diff 6). Those in the area subconsciously register the shadow in the corner of their eyes, and feel great unease around the kindred, regardless if it is friend or foe.

Another disadvantage is that regardless of the level of obfuscate (except 1, of course), the shadow is always visible, and can be noticed as above (this allows _two_ check to spot an obfuscated creature).

Well, what do you think, all?