Penny Dreadfuls

by Timothy Toner

Nasty stuff for hunters:

  1. Airhorns for those skulking kindred with heightened senses.
  2. Magnesium flashpacks for Protean 1 deviants.
  3. Eisnerbrecht: A wooden stake with a silver core, bound with three iron bands. Proof versus werewolves, vampires, and faeries. I always keep one in the golf bag next to the driver.
  4. Homemade napalm: Gallon of gasoline in a metal can. Add styrofoam to taste. The jellified substance is napalm. No kidding.
  5. Instant timebomb for those Hunters on the go. Find haven. Go right before sunrise. Get an airtight gas container. Get a grenade. pull pin while holding down plunger. Tape plunger down with duct tape (note: no "kill" is valid unless duct tape is used in some way). Place grenade in can, and stick under bed/coffin. Leave. Wait for gasoline to eat through adhesive. Boom.
  6. Bag of powdered silver: Heh. This one is nasty. Find a werewolf in homid form. Throw dust in face, and any other exposed surfaces. Then pull a high caliber weapon. Watch as the Garou shifts into Crinos form, then scream in pain as the silver takes effect (only affects in Crinos, Glabro, and Hispo form...takes one aggravated per turn). Watch him shift into safe form. Gloat. _Now_ use high caliber weapon.

This is real life now...I pulled this ad out of Harper's. It was intended as an oddity then. I have since been given an ORDER form. Don't ask me why...

This is as it appeared in Harper's Monthly. Bracketed parts [] are either game stats, or smart-assed comments on my part.

I think I need to take a shower now.

From The Fun Stuff, a catalogue distributed by Blammo Ammo Company, a Seneca, SC, ammunition retailer. The company, which pledges "to always bring you the most exotic ammo availiable on the market today," can legally ship its products anywhere in the country except California and NYC, where some of its ammunition is illegal.


BLAMMO "Exploding Tip" AMMO--The One That Started It All!

This is the original. The one we got our name from. When this ammo strikes its solid target, it EXPLODES, sending pieces of the bullet both away from and into the penetrating area, causing life threatening trauma and shock.

Five rounds per pack. Each pack $9.95.
[Standard Shot Gun Damage. However, subtract 1 from all soak rolls, and any botches count as AGGRAVATED damage (Mark gets hit by one, for 4 levels. He has 5 soak dice, difficulty 6. He rolls 7, 6, 4, 3, 2. The new rolls are 6, 5, 2, 1, and Mark is in a world of hurt...)]


The Blammo 12-Gauge Power Master Slug has a precision-cast hollow-core slug with stabilization tail fins for accuracy at long range. The tip has been loaded with a special sensitized primer for nearly 98 percent detonation. When the new Power Master Slug hits its target, you get BANG--causing a devastating effect by opening up a very large cavity.

Caution: Our test revealed that at twenty-five yards, this explosive tipped slug has the ability to blow a hole in a 1969 Chevy station wagon car door big enough to put your fist through! Use Extreme Caution!

Three rounds per pack. Each pack $13.95.

[Same as above, but -2 to soak rolls]


The Swirling "Bolo"

The term "bolo" was adopted by the Argentine gauchos, whi tripped up their cattle by throwing a leather thong with a stone ball attatched to each end.

Blammo's unique 12-gague "Bolo" shotgun shell is loaded with a lead ball molded on each end of a five inch piece of piano wire. A devastating effect is created when your target is struck, as the wires rip completely through it--along with the balls!

Three rounds per pack. Each pack $13.95.
[A very interesting weapon, no? Electroplate the wire with silver, and you have a neat toy. Same as above, but -2 to soak dice]

Knock. Knock. Who's There?


Blow a door right off its hinges!

The "Door Buster" 12-gague anti-terrorist round is loaded with a very fine powdered lead and wrapped in a special material that stays compressed when fired. NO deadly pellets to injure anyone in the room being entered. Used by Special Forces entry teams and drug-enforcement teams throughout the United States.

Three Rounds per pack. Each pack $12.95.
[Once again, replace the fine lead powder with silver, and you really have something! This stuff propels the powder into the Garou with DEVASTATING force. 2 less soak dice, and -2 to soak, as above. However, Range is VERY limited (point blank)]


Blammo Ammo's Own DRAGON'S BREATH Fire-Spewing 12-Gauge Round!

This is the round everybody talks about! Originally used as an anti-terrorist incendiary round curing counteroffensives in the Vietnam War. Blammo Ammo's 12-gague "Dragon's Breath" expels a load of exotic, fast burning, high temperature metals 300 feet, totally engulfing your target in a momentary 4,000-degree fireball! Also known as the "Three Second Flame Thrower," our "Dragon's Breath" is popular with anti-drug and SWAT [!!!] teams as a temporary stun round in case of resistance [!!!!!!!]. Will NOT harm your shotgun barrel [Thank God for THAT].

Caution: If used at night, we recommend proper sunglass protection.

Three rounds per pack. Each pack $16.95.
[Well, finally, a Kindred specific round...Difficulty 8 to soak, doing 2 aggravated wounds damage. Check for Rotschreck, diff 6.]