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Highlander: The Gathering

"There Can Be Only One!"

Highlander: The Gathering, often referred to as H:tG, is a net.supplement which incorporates Highlander-style Immortals into White Wolf's World of Darkness. It was first released by Hank Driskill in September 1993, and a Second Edition, developed by John Gavigan in conjunction with Hank, was published in June 1994. It is generally acknowledged as the best and most successful net.supplement ever produced, having been downloaded by thousands of users, and even translated into French! The internet roleplaying community now generally accepts Immortals as a part of the World of Darkness, even if White Wolf does not.

At the moment, we are working on a Third Edition of the rules, which will update the rules to reflect new developments in both Highlander and the World of Darkness, and will add a wealth of new material which, we hope, will add greatly to the playability of Immortals.

The Rules

The current edition of Highlander: The Gathering is the Second Edition, although I did put together a H:tGv2.1 for European GenCon '95. At the moment, Highlander: The Gathering is available in two formats:
* HTML (v2.1) with pictures.
* ASCII text - the original text which was distributed by email, mailing list and usenet.
The PostScript files are not currently available.

Note that you should read the Copyright Declaration before reading or downloading the rules.

The Authors

Hank Driskill is a software developer at Digital Domain in California, USA, where he works in the Research and Development department, coming up with new ways to use computers to create special effects for movies like Interview With The Vampire and Apollo XIII. He is, of course, a Highlander and Storyteller fan (Mage is his favourite game), and can be found lurking on the highla-l mailing list and on He is married, and has no children at the last count.

John Gavigan aka 'The Dodger', is an Irish student currently living and studying in Lancaster, in the north west of England. He has freelanced in the past for White Wolf, and spent several months as an Internet Writing Intern with WWGS. His favourite game is "The Storyteller/World of Darkness game." He is not married and has no children, last time he checked.

The Third Edition

We are currently working on a Third Edition, which we hope to release later this year, towards the end of the Summer. The new edition will include:
* A new, easier to read layout
* Revamped and updated Quickening rules
* Information on the Watchers and the Hunters
* The Immortals' X File
* Expanded background
* Clues to the origins of the Immortals in the World of Darkness
As always, we're looking for feedback on H:tG, to help us in developing the next edition. The WoD-l mailing list and are the 'approved' arenas for asking questions about and discussing H:tG, and we keep an eye on these forums for questions and ideas about H:tG. To subscribe to WoD-l, send mail to with "sub wod-l" as the body of the message, without the quotes. Of course, you can also mail either Hank or Dodger directly, for a more immediate response.

The Official Games

Contrary to many unfounded rumours, Highlander: The Gathering is in no way an official supplement. Neither White Wolf nor Panzer & Davis, the producers of the films and TV series approve of Highlander: The Gathering. Thunder Castle Games have acquired the rights to publish a Highlander Collectible Trading Card Game, and a Highlander Role Playing Game. The card game is due out any day now, and is expected to take the form of a duel between two players, with different cards representing different maneuvres, etcetera. The Official Highlander RPG is slated for release at GenCon95.

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