Ghouls in Vampire: The Masquerade

Rules by Andrew Greenberg
submitted by Sam (Ragabash) Chupp.

  1. When a Ghoul ingests Vitae, she literally *eats* it. It does not replace her blood. In fact, it filters through her whole body, gets put into her system, etc, and mystically hangs around as a seperate Blood Pool. Her real blood, her human Blood, is still at 10 points (or whatever, depending on her age/size).

    Taken this way, however, there should be a maximum Blood Pool for Vitae for a Ghoul. I believe it should be 10 points, but basically if the vitae is more potent, it should take up less "space" and thereby give you more than 10 'points.' You can either make a spot-ruling or figure out some kind of chart based on the generation of a vampire. For example, if you had 5 points of 13th generation vitae mixed with 2 points of 6th gen, come up with some sort of 'blood point translation table' if you REALLY want one.

  2. A Ghoul has to spend one Blood Point a month to remain a Ghoul, but they must always have at least one Blood Point or they are no longer a Ghoul at all. Period. This also happens if they use up all their Vitae through Disciplines.

  3. Ghouls don't automatically radiate Wyrm from their vitae. It is the individual person's Humanity rating (and, in the case of humans a storyteller decision) to have that happen.

Anyway, we talked about this this morning, so I wanted to put this in.