by James Seidel (12 Nov 94)

As a follow-up to the Church Knight: The Cainite Crusade sourcebook I am trying to create a major campaign.

I intend to base it heavily upon the book : The Sign and the Seal, by Graham Hancock.

This deals with the search for the Ark of the Covenant. Historically, the Templars are believed to have searched for it themselves, and found it. Though they appear not to have moved it.

While I have copious notes from the book, converting it to a Wod setting is not terribly easy. There are several questions:

  1. Why has no one else found it?
  2. How would the Celestial Chorus be involved?
  3. As one train of thought links the Ark to ancient technology, how would the Technocracy be involved?

Anyone wishing to spend the time and effort to help me polish up a good setting for distribution can contact me. Please keep the discussion off gm-l as there is at least one reader who is playing in a version of this campaign a friend is currently running.