A M A R A N T H A : horror and power

by Yann Golanski (16 Nov 93 | vampire-l@wizards.com)

DIABLERIE: the cannibalistic behavior common among kindred, involving the consumation of the blood of another vampire. The elders do so out of need, the anarchs do so out of desire for power. Cf Amarantha (V:tM page 54).

ROGUE: a kindred who feeds upon kindreds, either out of need or perversion. Vide Diablerie. (V:tM page 55 ).

" When a kindred drinks from another untill all her blood is drained away, and continues to drink until she extinguished (she lost all Health levels) the very essence of the vessel is transmitted. Not only the vessel is killed, but the lif- force is passed along to the slayer." (page 188 V:tM)

This are new rules on the amarantha.

When a vessel is drained of all her health levels, she enters final death and her essnce (or avatar, life-essece, soul... whatever you call it) is transfered to the rogue. To do so the rogue must roll his strenght (+ potence, if any) against a 9. Every success makes the vessel lose a health level. For the vessel this is true agony, as her very soul is suked away form her. If by any chances, the vessel is n ot killed, she will gain a derangment (permanant).

Now the rogue gained the powers of the vessel. They are:

Advance in generation:

The rogue lower his generation to (the generation of the vessel + he rogue's generation divided by 2) - 1. (to the lowest generation, and not under the generation of the vessel).

Eg: A 13th gene diableries a 4th. the new generation of the rogue is (13+5)/2 = 19/2 = 8.5 -1 = 7th generation.

Eg: a 8th diableries a 7th, the new generation of the rogue is (8 + 7)/2 = 15/2 = 7.5 -1 = 7th (because the vessel is of the 7th generation. You cannot get to a lower generation than the vessel).

Gain in disciplines:

The rogue gets again in disciplines, if the vessel is of the same clan (or bloodline) as the rogue. The gain is +1 in any disciplines that the rogues had lower than the vessel. This only works for clan disciplines.

If the vessel was of another clan, the rogue can now learn the major (only one) discipline of the clan, without the need for a teacher. Of course this is not applicable if the vessel is of the same clan... Major disciplines are as follow:

none, too bad, eh!
Potence or Presence (depending on age).
Followers of Set
God only (might) know!
Presence (for poseurs), Auspex (for artistes).
Thaumturgy (only blood magic, no paths).
the bloodline special discipline (if any).

Eg: A Brujah diabolies a Brujah. the rogue has 3 in all the clan disciplines, the vessel had 5 in presence, and potence, but only 1 in celerity. The rogue will get + 1 in both Potence and Presence but will not increase his celerity.

Eg: A ventrue diableries a Ravnos, the vetrue can now spend 10 exps (if he got them) to get Chemestry of 1, without haveing to see a teacher; the discipline is in his blood...

However the Amarantha has some side effects, generaly unknown by those who practice it, until it is too late. These are:

Humanity lose:

The rogue must make a concsience check (unless humnanity of 0), against a 8.

Roll. Effects.
3 or more successes No humanity lost (you feel horrible)
2 successes 1 humanity lost.
1 success 1 humanity and a conscience lost.
0 success 2 humanity and a conscience lost.
Botch 2 humanity and a conscience lost, plus a derangment of some sort.

There is no excuse for diablerie, therefore humanity is ALWAYS lost! (as a Storyteller it is your prerogative to say if something EXEPTIONAL will avoid making a hu,anity role, but there is always another way...).

Of course this does not applies to the Sabbat, since they have humanity of zero (they ARE the beast, even with the paths, who are just a way to ride the wave, NOT to resist it!). BUT a path role could be made for the following (in brackets is the min. of sin):

Path of Death and soul (9)
They condane the soul not to be free.
Path of evil revelation (0)
Gain one point for that, unless already above 3...
Path of Harmony (5)
They are the only not-as-bad-as-the-rest...
Path of Honorable accord (1)
If they had any agreement with the vessel.
Others (X)
Insert your own paths...

The Life-essence:

This was the end of more than one rogue. The soul (avatar, life-essence, force....) of the vessel take possession over the soul (avatar, life-essence, force...) of the rogue! Both the generation gap and the willpower of both the rogue and vessel affect this process. Both the vessel and the rogue role thier willpower against a diff of 16 - generation of the other. (a difficulty of 10 is 9+1, 11 is 9+2, 12 is 9+3, above is VERY unlikly to happend in the first place, therefore it is up to the storyteller to decide what happend.). Do not foget that torturing a Cainit will lower her willpower, but will make the rogue loss even more humanity! See the table:

Diff between (vessel - rogue) successes. Effects on the rogue.
9 or above The vessel dstroys the avatar of the rogue, who explosed in a burst of flames. The avatar of the vessel is free to rest in peace, or be return to a (very) dammaged body. (he regained 1 health level.)
8 and 9 The vessel is reborn as the rogue. The avatar of the rogue is expeled from his body, to the void. (could come back, but it is VERY HARD)
6 and 7 The vessel is reborn as the rogue, but the original avatar manifest herself as a change in demeanor.
3 and 5 The vessel is reborn, but both her nature and demeanor are those of the original avatar.
2 and -2 The rogue remain in control, but her nature and demeanor are those of the vessel's avatar.
-3 and -5 The rogue remains in control, but her demeanor is that of the vessel.
-6 and -7 The rogue remains in controlbut the vessel's avatar manifest herself as a change in demeanor.
-8 or -9 The vessel avatar is cast in the void. (She could come back as a ghost... but it will take her a hell lot of time.)
-10 or less The avatar is unterly destroyed. Nothing (except God?) can make her come back to (un)life.

Eg: Tommy a 9th generation (willpower of 7) consumes Orlando a 5th generation (willpower of 8). Tommy roles 7 dices against a diff of 15-5 = 9+1, he gets 3 successes (in fact he get 4, but one of them cancelles the +1 diff). Orlando role 8 dices against 15-9 = 6, he gets 7 successes! The differnec is 7-3 = 4! Poor Orlando's avatar is now in the body of 6th generation, and with the nature and demeanor of Tommy! Tommy should have listen to his Mum when she said that crime doesn't pay!

Eg: Same as above but with different successes: Tommy gets 5 and Orlando -1! Difference is -6: Tommy lafs as the blood rushes in his viens! But he will act like a gallant most of the time....Stange, he used to be such a prat with womens........(Orlando was Gallant).

Eg: Tremere (4th generation) diabolise aAntediluvian (named Saulot). Up to you (as a Storyteller) to say what happened. For me it is "wave good bye Tremere!" (but rules for that level are stupides, so your view is as good as nime.).

The rogue will also end up with any trait you want him to have picked up, or with nothing, up to your deviouse mind!

Eg: Diabolise a Ravnos, you become cleptomane.

Diabolise a Tzimecse, you start beeing an alien.

Diabolise a Malkavian...NA you DON'T want to do that!

Diabolise a Malkavian Antitribu....Oh Boy!!!!!............

Addition of the rebrith.

The act of sucking the life force of another of its kind is very addictif. The rogue must role her stamina (+ Fortitude) against a diff set by the Storyteller (It depends on how long the she's been a rogue.....).

Aura and effect on "souls"

The rogue will still have nice black viens in his aura for sometimes (depending on the generation of the vessel). This are the same rules as in Diablerie Mexico (which is only good for that!). I consider that the aura will deasapear after a one mothn per point of generation. gained. (ie 5 generation gained, 5 moths of nice black spirals in aura!!!!!!).

Other Kindred reactions

Most Princes will veiw rogues a a threat to their power, and order a blood hunt on them. If they are captures, they have the priviledge to sleep just above the prince, on the roof!

If the prince do nothing (for one reason or the other) then other might (will?) take the matter by themselves.

If the rogue gets amnesty for his crimes (woops that member of the Primogen ows her a favor and the prince took it! in favor of letting the rogue go.....). Then some other kindred will take maters in their own hands.

Power has its price.