Path of the Hunter

by Robert Kirkpatrick


The Society of Leopold created this Path during the first Inquisition. They do not refer to it as a Path, but for game purposes, it might as well be one. It is only possessed by humans that have gone through the rigorous physical and mental training (brainwash) of the Society. This Path takes the place of a hunter's Humanity score. But this Path tends to breed the most fanatic and persistant of all vampire hunters.

The Path was created by the Society because they realized that humans that constantly hunted Monsters were slowly becoming more barbaric and sadistic in their acts (loss of Humanity). It seemed the more they fought the Forces of Darkness, the more they eventually succumbed to those very same Forces. In short, those who hunted demons would eventually become more demonic themselves.

What the Society did was develop an intense training for new recruits, which bred them to not feel guilt for the actions they did in the name of God. No longer were these new recruits subjected to the pain that normal Humanity created. The killing of the Monsters only strengthened their resolve, instead of lessening it, as having a normal Humanity rating would do.

The training consists of combat training, scholarly work, hateful propoganda against the Monsters, and exercises meant to purge the recruit of all the fundamentals of normal Humanity. Developing this Path takes years of study, and can only be possessed by a character if they bought it as a 5 point merit. Usually, it is not found in people outside the Society of Leopold. Also, faith can be attained with this Path.

Naturally, this Path means the hunter is further removed from his humanity, but the Society of Leopold do not see it this way. They see the Path as a better mindset in which to better protect humanity versus the Monsters that plague them. Monsters include witches (most Mages), werewolves, vampires, demons, ghosts, and aliens. Anything that may seem in the least bit evil (at least, in the eyes of the Society).

Hierarchy of Sin

10 Being afraid of spreading the word of a Monsters' existence, for fear of public ridicule or disbelief, or for your own life.
Failing to meditate for at least two hours a day on the horrors that the Monsters bring upon this world.
9 Failing to pursue any evidence, no matter how remote, concerning the Monsters.
Failing to aid another trusted Hunter in his hunt.
8 Not trying to free normal mortals who are unknowingly or unwillingly in service to or allied with or controlled by the Monsters.
7 Failing to try to recruit more Hunters to your cause.
6 Unwillingly serving a Monster (for instance, through Domination or Blood Bond).
Unknowingly working in a Monster's best interest and thereby strengthening his power base.
5 Using the Monster's own tactics (magic, occult, spells, Gifts, Disciplines, witchcraft, etc). Psychic powers and Faith are not included in this, as long as their outward appearance or source does not seem evil to the Hunter. (For instance, Voodoo Faith would bother a Fundamentalist Christian Faith Hunter.)
4 Falsely allying yourself with a Monster, even if it's just to trick the Monster.
Showing mercy or pity towards a Monster.
3 Letting an ally or retainer who willingly serves a Monster live when you had to opportunity to kill them.
2 Allying or trusting yourself with a Monster intentionally and of your own free will, with no intent of trickery, backstab, or deception.
1 Letting a Monster live when you had the opportunity to kill it.