Path of Enigmas

by Gary Greenhill

Background Philosophy

The teacher stands in front of the class
But the lesson plan he can't recall
The Student's eyes don't perceive the lies
Bouncing off every fucking wall
His composure is well kept
I guess he fears playing the fool
The complacent students sit and listen to
Bull shit that he learned at school

- Take the Power Back, rage against the machine

Say I wanted to write a computer program, for example to count to ten and print it out. There is an infinite number of ways to write it, why would I pick a particular one? I may pick one way and then find out later I could have made it run quicker, or look better. At one moment in time I may have a solution, which I consider to be good, however I know that it may not be the best (after all what is the chance that I have the best program is one in infinity). I may improve on the solution if I can see that it can be easily improved on, or I may consider it to be the best solution until I randomly stumble across a better one. This is an artificial intelligence search technique known as probabilistic hill climbing, and is an analysis of human thought. This is pretty much how most people think, for example the population may have decided that the world is flat, because all the evidence says it is, until by chance someone proves that it is round. Much later someone discovers it is a penguin, and so on.

It is therefore difficult for the population to gain an insight into the universe if they are all being told the same things, if they are brought up in the same way, if they all have the same opinions. How often have the theories of scientists been disproved by later generations? How often has the person who discovered the better theory been considered a mad heretic because they are unusual?

The idea of God and The Fallen One shows how people must be given the option of free choice, or else they all live the same lives. There must be chaos for evolution of the mind. If a man walked to work by the same route every day of his life he would only know that one route, but if he went other ways he has expanded his knowledge, and he also finds that there are more routes. The more you know the more you realise you don't know.

So is existence shaped by the collective minds, or minds shaped by existence? Does it matter? Order can be formed in chaos, after all that's how the universe started (maybe). There is nothing dark or supernatural about this. The only thing here is that chaos must be brought in to help people think in different ways to achieve a better understanding of the universe and a better spiritual awareness. The only problem is that by its own definition this theory has a one in infinity chance of being correct.

Path of Enigma

"I think present-day reason is an analogue of the flat earth of the medieval period. If you go too far beyond it you're presumed to fall off, into insanity"

- Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert M. Pirsig

To create chaos through tricks, puzzles or other means is the ideal of this path to increase other peoples ideology or perception, and to see as much of the universe as possible to increase ones own experience and judgement. (Refer to the Malkavian Handbook - The Evolution of Vision). This path is tempered slightly by a belief in Ch'i and spirit. It is essentially built around opening the your third (metaphorical) eye, and to help others open theirs.

Global Iconoclasm
If a person believes that they have come across a better ideology they must broadcast their views so that others may improve it or agree with it.
Global Anarchy
Anarchy is necessary as it is chaos, and gives people the chance to experience different view points.
Personal Illumination
One should not neglect yourself. You should get as many different viewpoints of the universe as possible to examine other ideologies.
Infectious Insanity
Insanity enables people to think in different ways, unusual ways. This is good.
Degradation of All Moral Authority
Who is to say any one set of laws are best. Morals are changing, most humans now have almost completely different morals then 200 years ago. Morals are programmed into a person by society. One must reach into himself for his own morals.
Magical Utopia
With increased universal ideology people are more spiritually and magically aware. When people find out 'Why?' the may also find out 'How?'.
Hegemony of Absolute Chaos
Chaos so that ideology may evolve at a faster rate.
Material Detachment
What are materials? They must be redistributed occasionally to encourage chaos.
Divine Connection
To increase ones spiritual self is of religious importance.
Artistic Reflection of Society's Madness
At one point every body in the world believed the world was flat. Need I say more.
Rampant Hedonism
If the whole universe is happy, then they are all partaking in their pleasures. If the whole universe is happy is this not good?
Creative Ignorance
I could of course be completely wrong. Remember by my own theory I only have one in infinity chance of being right, but a fifty percent chance of being better then any other theory.
Ascension of Personal Will
To transcend past the physical body and become a spirit I can achieve far more, and know far more. Therefore increasing the validity of my personal ideology.
Pleasure Through Cruelty
If a person suffers a great pain then that person will become shaped by the pain. If the pain was an unusual one it will give that person an unusual viewpoint. This may put the person nearer to increasing his personal ideology. Therefore his pain was good.
Cosmic Salvation
To find the ultimate ideology is the goal and to inform the universe. To tell everything in the universe 'Why?' and 'How?' is obviously cosmic salvation.
Absolute Nihilism
If I have a one in infinity chance of being right I in fact have an infinite chance of being wrong. If I am wrong what is the point, as no ideology is right.
Absolutely No Core Purpose
To improve ideology it can still be improved by ordered analysis, so absolute chaos may not be necessary. Also at any moment in time there is only one in infinity chance of being right, and the thing about infinity is that this does not improve through time. Therefore any attempt to speed up the finding of the Ultimate Ideology has no effect. Bummer.

A Musing of Beliefs

I take your words and try them on.
Yeah, it's a perfect fit, boy.
You tell me one size fits us all.
Yeah, like an old straight jacket.

- Alice Cooper, Stolen Prayer

As point of note the intrinsic energy of a Vampiric being (Chin) is composed of the Blood (ching), the Spirit (Shen) and Personal Energy (Ch'i). Note this is not body, spirit and mind as some people might think.
Those who lead ordinary lives, they die, and their souls (a combination of Shen and Ch'i) go to some place unknown. That shall be called the Silver City. Killing a mortal should not be done, especially those who are enlightened (i.e. Insane, True Belief, etc.). There is only one reason to kill - immediate source of blood.
It is possible to increase both Shen and Ch'i, however only two methods exist to increase ching are known, Thaumaturgy - Blood of Potency and Diablerie. From experience those Kindred who have not achieved some form of enlightenment, such as Golconda or True Belief, are damned in some way and do not go to the Silver City that Mortals go to. Diablerie of non enlightened Kindred is acceptable.
Frenzy causes negative Ch'i, which is used only for combative reasons, and reduces chin. One should not Rötschreck therefore.
Always be respectful to those who have achieved a higher level of enlightenment. These are other Malkavians, those who have reached Golconda, those of true belief, and in some cases others who are considered insane. This is because they are just as likely to have high (and often higher) chin.

Hierarchy of Sins

You have a winning way, so keep it up.
Your future.
You are an angel heading for a land of sunshine,
And fortune is smiling upon you.
Prepare for a series of comfortable miracles,
From fasting to feasting.

- Faith No More, Land of Sunshine

10 Refusing to commit diablerie on being who is not enlightened
9 Entering a frenzy when not in combat
8 Killing a mortal for reason other than survival
7 Failing to acquire items or knowledge to improve personal chin
6 Failing to prank others when the opportunity arises
5 Showing concern for others possessions
4 Refusing to free enlightened spirits from being bound.
3 Actively inducing sanity
2 Actively hindering change
1 Actively resisting insanity
"Thank you everyone, from myself, my assistant, and the stooge. I'm the amazing Cain. If you enjoyed the show, tell your friends. If you didn't I trust you'll get throat cancer and die without ever again uttering another word. Good-night."

- Cain, Season of Mists, Neil Gaiman