Path of Corruption

by H Wade Jones (31 Oct 95)

Nickname: The Faithful

Basic Beliefs

The Faithful believe that every being has a dark side to them, and that by careful coaxing, that side can be brought to the forefront. Every creature is subject to the corrupting influence of its own shadow. It is their earnest wish to enslave others within their own beast, to bring the latent darkness out, strengthen it, and then bind it to their will, creating a self-propelled pawn. In this way they strive to build intricate webs of corruption, with themselves at the center of every movement.

The Faithful have little desire to actually rule any given area or domain, their goals are usually much more insidious than that. They believe that Set will return at the time of Gehenna and reward them for their efforts. It is commonly thought that he will use the webs of deceit his children have diligently forged in the final battles to come.

Many critics of the Path argue that Set will simply use the faithful as the faithful use others. They remain confident, however, that they will be participants in the coming darkness, and not simply pawns. They frequently justify their own introspection and contemplation as a way to better understand the darkness within.

The Ethics of the Path


This path is followed by a small but growing number of adherents. During the middle ages a Setite known only as the Loyal Son claims to have recieved a vision of Set, from which he gained the Path of Corruption. It is widely believed that Set had an awakening of sorts and discovered that he had been trapped in his own corruption. He found that if he could become a conduit of darkness instead of a vessel, it was far more effective. He then realized that his followers on the path of Typhon were as imprisoned as he had been, so only one from the other paths could introduce this new revelation.

The Path of Corruption is devoted to fulfilling the will of Set. Set is rumored to have said "if I must be banished to the darkness, then that darkness will become all powerful." The Faithful see themselves as continuing the work of Set himself by making the darkness as powerful as possible.

Current Practices

The Faithful are an exceptionally diverse lot. They tend to adopt whatever rituals and practices that may be safely carried out without causing a loss of influence. They are tremendously skilled in the arts of espionage and subterfuge. Few things are beneath them, and if it will further their goals then so be it. They will almost always have a ritual honoring Set that is practiced in the tradition of whatever they're parent religion is. These rites are almost always performed on the night of a new moon, as even reflected sunlight is considered an insult to Set.

Description of Followers

Most are cunning manipulators, although not always of people. They have been know to chose progeny for any aptitude which may prove useful. They tend to not look for other followers as each should be self sufficient. No one outside the Setites are permitted to learn this path, because Set will accept only his Faithful when he returns. There is no point in teaching this path to an outsider, they will however readily teach the path of Typhon to anyone. Most are fanatical in the belief that Set will return and reward them for their loyalty. They believe in the absolute power of darkness, and shun light of any kind as an affront to their very nature. Most are very attuned to the weaknesses both in those around them and in themselves. They will spend much time trying to overcome or control their own weakness.

Hierarchy of Sins

10 Failing to attempt to exploit or corrupt more powerful or inaccessible targets.
9 Having your plans exposed or uncovered - being caught within your web.
8 Failing to pursue knowledge of a targets weakness.
7 Exhibiting Altruism - motive is everything.
6 Placing another person or power's interests above Set's or your own interests.
5 Failure to take appropriate action to remain hidden in your aims.
4 Failing to attempt to corrupt an accessible target, or to exploit a known weakness.
3 Ignoring a chance for benefit.
2 Failing to follow knowledge of a Childe of Osiris.
1 Allowing a law or rule to bind you when it is advantageous to not.


Callousness, Self-Control, and Courage

(It is my firm opinion that a Setite having conscience is like a fish that can't swim. I use it for all my setites. Generally I assume that this means the character uses sabbat virtue rules for Callousness and the standard rules for the other two.)

Views of Other Paths

Path of Typhon

"The typhonists are fools! They wallow in the darkness and corruption and fail to see the true use and power that its proper use is capable of. They are locked and decaying vessels for immense power. That corrosion will destroy them eventually. When Set arises he will have his uses for them, but it is we who will be holding the reins of control for him."
Most of the faithful believe that the Path of Typhon is a test of sorts. It snares people in their own evils and for that it is useful. The strong, however, will examine their weaknesses and conquer them, thus escaping into the higher Path of Corruption.

The Path of Ecstacy

"These ones are even farther gone than the typhonists. They haven't the stomach for true darkness."

The Path of the Warrior

"Our brethren! These soldiers are to be greatly respected. The Loyal Son was on this Path when Set came to him, and thus they are the closest to our greatness. They will overwhelm the fools who dare to oppose us in the end days."

The Path of Re-Emergence

"Only someone as twisted as a Serpent of the Light would ever follow a path so far from Set's goal's as this one is!"