Path of Ares

by Timothy Toner (8 Jan 94)

This is the path followed by the now extinct clan Machomenoi.

Hierarchy of Sins

10 Failing to attempt to exploit or corrupt more powerful or inaccessible
9 Instilling conflict wherever you travel.
8 Failing to collect a wager
8 Failing to Embrace a mediocre Warrior fallen in battle
7 Feeding off a non-combatant
6 Using a weapon other than your True Weapon (not the actual Item, but the kind of weapon)
5 Losing/Winning non-graciously (Not sparing lives, or offering tribute to the victor)
4 Failing to Embrace a Noble Warrior fallen in battle
3 Reneging on a wager
2 Cowardice of any kind
1 Winning through Treachery